Map and Island Skins

How do I use the Map? The Map menu displays all of the Islands of the Monster World. It unlocks at Level 7, or after Cold Island (the second of the Natural Islands) is purchased. You can use the left sidebar to swipe up and down to see the full list of Islands, or you can swipe around the map and pinch to zoom to explore the Islands' positions. --------------------------------------------------------------- How do I get more Islands? Unlock conditions vary from Island to Island. Some Islands...

Magical Nexus

The Magical Nexus is an alien site and the domain of the Stair Shaper, an enigmatic being who invites Monsters from the Magical Islands to join together in song via Transposition! Click here to learn how to populate this Island.

Amber Island

On the same higher plane of existence that houses Gold Island resides the reunited halves of the Fire Colossal's spirit in the form of Amber Island; and while the concept of reunion figures prominently in both islands, how it is achieved differs greatly. Amber Island was conceived as a ‘seed vault', manifesting the potential for all of the original Fire Monsters from the era of the Dawn of Fire as specialized Vessels. Everything from the sap-covered Green Trees that dot its landscape, to the pow...

Ethereal Workshop

The Ethereal Workshop is a secret laboratory hidden inside Ethereal Island and uses revolutionary Structures to harness the powers of Attunement and Synthesis and bring previously-impossible Ethereal hybrids to life! Read on to learn how to populate this Island. - What are Meebs? (#Q01) - How do I get Monsters in Ethereal Workshop? (#Q02) - Are there other ways to get Monsters on Ethereal Workshop? (#Q03) - What is the Attunement Structure? (#Q04) - How do I attune Meebs? (#Q05) -...


Mammotts, Entbrats, and Furcorns, oh my! From breeding and hatching to buying and selling, this section of the FAQ will cover anything you need to know about getting new Monsters on your Island. Whether that's making new ones, keeping your Monsters happy and well-fed, naming them, earning Coins, or making room for new Monsters, you can find all that info here! From Plant Island to the far-reaches of the Monster World on Ethereal and Shugabush Islands, you'll find all the answers here - collect t...

Colossal Conundra

Log in every day to collect a puzzle piece of a Colossal Conundrum, and receive a special reward too! Once all of the pieces of a Conundrum have been assembled, an eye-opening surprise awaits… the gigantic being rumbles to life, a special Structure called the Coloss-Eye manifests, and the sonorous voice of the Colossal is heard for the first time in forever!

Structures and Decorations

The Monsters aren't the only things you'll find on the Islands - there are many structure and items that work together to bring the Monster World to life! From increasing breeding time or chances for rares to making more room for more Monsters, you'll find the answers you're looking for here! Learn how to bake Food, record your own custom songs, earn free Diamonds, increase Monster Happiness, create dazzling light displays, or even change your Island's song tempo. These questions cover everythin...

Social and Friends

Everything in My Singing Monsters can be enjoyed on your own, but there's lots you can do with your Friends as well! This guide will have all the information you need to update your display name so people can find and recognize you, sync your profile to social media to share, and add new Friends. Looking to refer a Friend or invite more people you know to play with you? Your Friends can help with breeding speed-ups and Torch lighting, and you can share all your new Monsters on Facebook or Twitte...

Goals and Leveling

Every Monster you breed, food you bake, obstacle you remove, or goal you complete, you earn experience (or XP) to help your game level up and unlock new and fun features! Wondering how to track or collect you XP? Maybe there's a goal you completed but you didn't get credit? Wondering how or why you or some players have a moniker under their display name when you visit their Islands? Learn everything you need to know about goals and leveling up your game! From completing and claiming rewards to u...


There are others things to do hidden around the Monster World outside of breeding and collecting! Play with your Monsters in the Castle Memory Game and try to beat your best score, or win some great prizes on the daily and weekly scratch tickets (or spend Diamonds for extra tickets and games). These games let you earn Monsters and some premium currencies for free. Check out this guide for all the information you need to find these games and play them, and best of luck winning a grand prize!

Ethereal Island

The mysterious Ethereal Island is the ultimate destination for the Single-Element Ethereals you breed on the Natural Islands, as well as the home of a new family of Ethereal Hybrids! Click here to learn how to populate this Island. 

Gold Island

The glorious Gold Island exists in another dimension of reality, so your top-level Monsters can exist in two places at once! Gold Island's Seasonal Event is Anniversary Month. Click here to learn how to populate this Island.

Wublin Island

Wublin Island was created using the Supernatural power of Electricity and is where you can Zap Monster Eggs from other Islands to wake up the Wublins. Click here to learn how to populate this Island.

Celestial Island

Celestial Island was created when a mysterious object from ancient times fell from the sky and crash-landed, and is where you can Zap Monster Eggs from other Islands to revive the Celestials.

Tribal Island

The game-changing Tribal Island is here! Just as the last of the Rare monsters was revealed, this extraordinary new realm sprang into existence and ignited a new challenge for novice and seasoned players alike. It's up to you to form a Tribe with your Friends and keep your monster well-fed to raise your Tribal Level, earn Starpower, and redeem Tribal Rewards. You may even unlock "an ancient secret of the monster world! Join together with your friends to create a Tribe and unlock an ancient secre...

The Colossingum

The Colossingum is an ancient Island where Monsters engage in playful musical competition. Monsters can be Teleported here from other Islands to hone their musical craft and become superior performers. Click here to learn how to populate this Island.


Costumes are special outfits that Monsters can wear on most Islands in the Monster World. Not only do they look great, some Costumes can give your Monsters special Moves that can give you an advantage in the Battle Arena on the Colossingum!