Ethereal Island

The mysterious Ethereal Island is the ultimate destination for the Single-Element Ethereals you breed on the Natural Islands, as well as the home of a new family of Ethereal Hybrids! Read on to learn how to populate this Island. 

How do I Teleport Monsters to Ethereal Island?

You can teleport a Single-Element Ethereal Monster here from its native Natural Island once it has reached Level 15. It will be reborn in the Ethereal Island Nursery. The Monster will be removed from its original Island when you teleport it to Ethereal Island, and cannot return to the Natural Island once it has been Teleported.

How do I breed Monsters on Ethereal Island?

Breeding Monsters on Ethereal Island works the same way as on Natural Islands. Select 2 Monsters at Level 4 or higher with different Elements to breed together.

What are Shards?

Shards replace Coins on Ethereal Island, and can be obtained by exchanging Coins and Diamonds in the Market or by collecting them from Ethereal Monsters placed on this Island.

Can I place Ethereal Monsters on Gold Island?

Ethereal Monsters do not belong on Gold Island and should instead stay on Ethereal Island.