Ethereal Workshop

The Ethereal Workshop is a secret laboratory hidden inside Ethereal Island and uses revolutionary Structures to harness the powers of Attunement and Synthesis and bring previously-impossible Ethereal hybrids to life! Read on to learn how to populate this Island.

What are Meebs?

Meebs are adaptable critters that can Attune themselves to the Ethereal energies of the Mirror Islands. The max number of Meebs available in the Workshop is dependent on the Castle tier.

How do I get Monsters in Ethereal Workshop?

You can get Monsters in Ethereal Workshop by using the Attunement Structure and the Synthesizer.

Are there other ways to get Monsters on Ethereal Workshop?

In addition to attuning and synthesizing, Monsters can be bought in the Ethereal Workshop Market for a Diamond cost.

What is the Attunement Structure?

The Attunement Structure allows the Workshop's Meeb critters to attune themselves to a specific Ethereal energy from the Mirror Islands. The max number of Meebs available in the Workshop is dependent on the Castle tier.

How do I attune Meebs?

To attune a Meeb, select an Island and a Meeb in the Attunement Structure. Attunement costs Shards. A Meeb can be Attuned to any other Ethereal energy, even if it has already been Attuned to a different one.

How do I know which Mirror Island is synced?

The Attunement Structure is perfectly synced to only ONE of the Mirror Islands each day (in the bottom middle position). While attuning to a non-synced Island is possible, it takes more time and costs more Shards.

How do I speed up attunement?

You can speed up attunement by spending your Diamonds or by watching video ads.

What is the Synthesizer?

Once you have all the Attuned Meebs you need, it's time to extract their energies in the Synthesizer Structure. Synthesis is similar to incubation in the Nursery, but it is far more unstable.

How do I synthesize Monsters?

Select the Attuned Meebs you wish to extract Ethereal energies from during the attempted Synthesis. Synthesis costs Shards. If Synthesis is successful, a new Monster is formed and the Meebs return to an unattuned state.

How stable is the synthesis process?

Each Ethereal energy adds a different level of instability. As more advanced combinations are attempted, there's a chance that the Synthesizer will destabilize and erupt. When this happens, the Meebs involved will be randomly reattuned and no Monster will be synthesized.

How do I speed up synthesis?

You can speed up a synthesis attempt by spending your Diamonds or by watching video ads.

How do I upgrade the Synthesizer?

You can synthesize more unstable Ethereal hybrids by upgrading the Synthesizer with Shards. Once upgraded, use the filter on the left side of the menu to toggle between regular and advanced Synthesis. Advanced Synthesis requires a base Monster and more Meebs to achieve its goal, and if successful, will transform the base Monster into a higher Element form.