Structures and Decorations

The Monsters aren't the only things you'll find on the Islands - there are many structure and items that work together to bring the Monster World to life! From increasing breeding time or chances for rares to making more room for more Monsters, you'll find the answers you're looking for here! Learn how to bake Food, record your own custom songs, earn free Diamonds, increase Monster Happiness, create dazzling light displays, or even change your Island's song tempo. These questions cover everything you need to know about the Structures and Decorations available in the My Singing Monsters Market!

How do the Hotel and Storage Structures work?

If you have no available beds on your island but do not want to sell your monsters, you can check them in to the Hotel. Simply tap the ‘Check In’ button when moving a monster.

Monsters placed inside the Hotel will stop generating Coins until they are removed from the Hotel and placed on the island once more. Additionally, monsters placed inside the Hotel cannot increase the Happiness of other monsters on your island, unless you have a Unity Tree. You can upgrade your Hotel to add more beds.

You can store Decorations inside the Storage structure. Just tap the Pack button when you’re moving a decoration.

Decorations placed in Storage cannot increase the Happiness of other monster on your island, unless you have a Unity Tree. Upgrade your Storage to add more space.

How do Wishing Torches work?

Lighting Wishing Torches increases your chances of breeding rare monsters. There are 3 different ways to light a Torch:

  1. You can have your Wishing Torch lit by a friend from your Friends List. Tap the Help button when you select a Wishing Torch to indicate to your Friends that you would like for them to Light your Torch. You can also visit your Friends’ islands to light their Torches for them. Islands with unlit Torches will display the Light graphic on the island button.
  2. You can light a Wishing Torch for 24 hours by yourself, in exchange for 2 Diamonds.
  3. You can light a Wishing Torch permanently by yourself, in exchange for 100 Diamonds.

What is the Recording Studio?

You can always Mute Monsters or choose which ones you place on your Island, but if you're looking to change their parts completely, you'll need a Recording Studio for that! Record your own parts for your Monsters and create your very own Monster song!

You can purchase this structure in the Market as well, and it comes with a handy tutorial once you place it on your Island.

Note: All Recordings are saved locally to your device and cannot be recovered by the Monster-Handlers if lost. Additionally, Friends visiting your Island will not be able to hear your custom Monster songs, but you can use the handy Record Button in the lower left corner of your screen to save in-game footage and share it!

I changed my Monster's sounds in the Recording Studio, how do I change it back to normal?

To revert the sound back to the original monster sound, first make sure you're in the Recording Studio. After that select the monsters who's part you wish to change back to normal and when you're in their recording menu, tap on the button "Revert" Once to turn your recording off.

There's a handy guide for the Recording Studio built into the game as well. When you're in the same window as the previous instructions, tap on "Info" and it will give you a breakdown of everything!

What is the Time Machine?

To speed up or slow down the singing speeds of the Monsters, you'll need a Time Machine. The Time Machine structure becomes available to purchase at level 14 and can go on all of the Islands except Gold Island. This also changes the pitch that that Monsters sing!

How does the Mini Mine and Maximum Mine work?

The Mini Mine costs Coins and produces 2 Diamonds every 24 hours, or 1 Diamond every 12 hours.

The Maximum Mine requires a premium currency purchase to upgrade, but it produces 4 Diamonds every 24 hours, or 2 Diamonds every 12 hours.

I can't buy the Maximum Mine or the other Premium Items! What do I need to do?

Though the Premium Items look like they’re still locked, as long as you’ve made a purchase, they will unlock. If you could perform a force quit of the app and try logging back in. This should open the availability of the items for you.

If you already have a Mini-Mine, you can upgrade to the Maximum Mine by selecting your Mini Mine on the island and tapping the "Upgrade" button.

Why can't I find the Maximum Mine on other Islands? It's only on Plant Island!

The Maximum Mine is exclusive to Plant Island and Mirror Plant Island.