There are others things to do hidden around the Monster World outside of breeding and collecting! Play with your Monsters in the Castle Memory Game and try to beat your best score, or win some great prizes on the daily and weekly scratch tickets (or spend Diamonds for extra tickets and games). These games let you earn Monsters and some premium currencies for free. Check out this guide for all the information you need to find these games and play them, and best of luck winning a grand prize!

What is the Spin Wheel?

The Spin Wheel is a great way to get some extra currency. A free Spin Wheel is available once daily from the Castle Menu. Spin the Wheel for a chance to win any of the prizes shown on the Wheel, including the special Top Prize sealed within the treasure chest. Spin Wheel prizes scale as you level up. You can spin more than once a day by spending Diamonds.

What is the Memory Game?

The Memory Game is available to play for free once daily. Tap on Cards to flip them and try to remember their positions to make a match. The more Levels you complete, the more Rewards you'll earn. You can play more than once a day by spending Diamonds to earn all of the Top Rewards available.

What is the Monster Scratch Ticket?

You can win Monster Eggs as Prizes in the Monster Scratch Ticket, including Seasonal Monsters at any time of the year. You can scratch one free Ticket weekly, or you can get more right away by buying them with Diamonds. The Monster Scratch Ticket is only available on the Natural Islands.

I've logged in every day, but I didn't get my Daily Login Rewards. What happened?

This reward does not need to be claimed and is automatically added to your total. Sometimes an ad or news pop-up can cover up the daily reward information, but rest assured, you are still receiving your currency!

After the 5th day login, it will reset back to 1, and go through to 5 again. This process repeats itself  over and over.

If you do not believe this to be the case, please contact the Monster-Handlers, and we'd be happy to take a look for you!