Social and Friends

Everything in My Singing Monsters can be enjoyed on your own, but there's lots you can do with your Friends as well! This guide will have all the information you need to update your display name so people can find and recognize you, sync your profile to social media to share, and add new Friends. Looking to refer a Friend or invite more people you know to play with you? Your Friends can help with breeding speed-ups and Torch lighting, and you can share all your new Monsters on Facebook or Twitter! The My Singing Monsters community is waiting for you to join them!

Friend Codes

Friend Codes

An account’s friend Code is a unique identifier for every account. It consists of a group of Numbers and two letters. It can be shared with other players to add them as your friend.

Where Can I Find My Friend Code?

Your Friend Code can be found by tapping on the Friends Menu on the Main Context menu of most Islands. It can also be found in the Options menu under Support.

How Do I Add/Remove A Friend?

To add a friend, open the Friends Menu, tap on Invite Friends, then select add Via Friend Code. And enter and confirm their Friend code in the text box they will be added to your friend’s list. To Remove a Friend all you need to do is tap on the friend and then tap on Remove.

How Do I Visit One Of My Friends Islands?

While in the Friends Menu, you can tap on any friend, then tap on the Visit button and it’ll take you straight to their Islands!

Can I Do Anything To Help My Friend?

Absolutely! You can Light their Torches to help them breed Rare Monsters, you can also gift them keys,you can visit and like their Islands, and collaborate in a Tribe together!

What Does Liking An Island Do?

Liking an Island increases the rating of your Island in the top islands leaderboard. The more likes you get the more likely you can be a Top Island . The Top 100 Islands all win some Diamonds!

Where Can I View How Many Likes My Island Has?

Tapping on your Castle and Tapping Info will show how many Likes your Island has. Some Islands don’t have Castles and can still be liked, so there is no current way to view how many likes that Island has.

What Is The Top Island Competition?

The Top Island Competition rewards the highest voted Islands. The Top 100 Islands all earn 100 diamonds.

How do I change my Display Name?

You can change your Display Name by going to Support in the Options Menu and tapping the box beside the Display Name field. You will then be able to input a Display Name of your choosing by using your device’s keyboard. Please note that display names are subject to censorship for offensive or inappropriate content.

How do I add friends?

You can add friends by tapping the Invite Friends button in the Friends Menu, and tapping the Invite via Friend Code button. Your Friend code is located at the top of the Friends Menu, and is the same as your BBB ID. It should be noted that the “Invite via Email,” “Invite via Twitter” and “Invite via Facebook” options in the Invite Friends Menu don’t actually link accounts as friends, they serve to invite people who are not already playing the game to download it.

If you are using Facebook as your login method, your Facebook friends will automatically be displayed in the Friends Menu. If you are using Game Center as your login method, your Game Center friends will automatically be displayed in the Friends Menu. To update your Friends list, tap the Facebook and Game Center icons in the lower left corner of the Friends Menu.

Changing Name

Who Can See My Display Name?

Any of your friends, Tribe Members and anyone who happens onto your Islands through the Visit Random Island feature can see your display name.

How Do I Change My Display Name?

Tap on the Options Menu and at the top of the screen you will see a name or New Player. Tap on that to change it to whatever name you’d like. Please remember that names are subject to screening for inappropriate content.

Every Time I Input My New Display Name It Says It’s Inappropriate, What’s Happening?

My Singing Monsters utilizes a word filter to hide bad words or phrases that are offensive to some people or groups. Some names may unfortunately get caught by the filter, but if the chosen name is appropriate, contact support and ask for assistance.

I Linked My Account To Facebook And Keep Getting An Inappropriate Name Warning, How Do I Fix This?

This problem can be fixed by changing your display name. You can change your display name by opening the Options menu, clicking on Support, then tapping on your Display Name.

How Do I Change My Avatar In The Friends List?

In the Options menu, you can select a Monster Avatar by tapping the Icon beside your name.

How Do I Unlock New Avatars?

Every Monster you unlock in the Book of Monsters Collection will add new Icons you can use.

How do Referral Codes work?

You can submit one Referral Code per account, to be awarded 5 Diamonds. Go to the Options Menu and tap the 'Submit Referral' button. If the Referral Code (another player's BBB ID/Friend Code) is valid, the Diamonds will be awarded after you tap the 'Submit' button. You will get the Diamonds immediately, and the referrer gets the Diamonds in 2-3 days.

I Purchased a Collectible Figurine and Received a To Code. How Do I Use It?

You can visit for detailed instructions on how to redeem your Toy Code.

My Facebook speed-up request isn't working - what can I do?

Be sure that you are signed into your Facebook application when you request assistance speeding up your Nursery. Your Facebook notification settings should also be set to Public for My Singing Monsters.

Tribal Island

What Is A Tribe?

A Tribe is a team for you and your friends’ Monsters to join and work together to earn Starpower and free Kayna from the Amber.

How Do I Join A Tribe?

You can Join a Tribe by visiting Tribal Island and tapping on Join a Random Tribe, or Join a Friend’s Tribe and apply to join one. Alternatively you can be invited to join one by a friend.

How Do I Leave A Tribe?

On Tribal Island, tap on the Tribe Button in the Default Context Bar, then tap on Leave Tribe.

How Do I Create A Tribe?

Visit Tribal Island while not in a Tribe and tap on Create a Tribe, then give it a name.

How Do I Leave A Tribe If I Am The Chief?

You can leave the same way you would if you were a normal member if your Tribe is empty; but if you have other members in your Tribe you will have to give one of them the role of Chief before leaving.

Why Did My Tribal Monster’s Level Reset?

Every week, every Monster in the Tribe will be reset to level 1. d At this time the Tribe will earn Starpower and diamonds based on the total Level of all Monsters on the Tribal Island.

What Happens When I Try To Join A Random Tribe?

When you choose to join a Random Tribe you’ll be given a list of Random Tribes you can apply for. All you need to do is choose one, select your Monster, then wait to see if your application is approved.

My Friend Invited Me To Join Their Tribe, But It Isn’t Working?

You may have a pending application to join another Tribe. To join your friend’s Tribe, you’ll need to cancel your application.

I Sent A Request To Join My Friend’s Tribe But They Can’t Place A Monster, What’s Going On?

Your friend has either canceled the request to join your Tribe since they sent it to you, have joined another Tribe; or created a new Tribe of their own.

How Do I Cancel A Request To Join A Tribe?

Visiting Tribal Island while you have a Pending Application will show you your application status, on that screen you can cancel it.

I Don’t Like The Monster I Picked, How Do I Change It?

Your Monster on Tribal Island cannot be changed. The only way to select a new Monster is to leave and rejoin your Tribe.

I Was Removed From My Tribe And Lost My Contribution, What Can I Do?

Any contributions made to a Tribe are lost once you’re removed from the Tribe. There isn’t any way to recover this spent currency.

Does Being The Top Tribe Do Anything?

There is no additional reward for being in the highest rank Tribe.

This can be found in the Options Menu under Support, once you’re in the Support menu you can reveal it by toggling the switch to make it visible.