Social and Friends

Everything in My Singing Monsters can be enjoyed on your own, but there's lots you can do with your Friends as well! This guide will have all the information you need to update your display name so people can find and recognize you, sync your profile to social media to share, and add new Friends. Looking to refer a Friend or invite more people you know to play with you? Your Friends can help with breeding speed-ups and Torch lighting, and you can share all your new Monsters on Facebook or Twitter! The My Singing Monsters community is waiting for you to join them!

How do I change my Display Name?

You can change your Display Name by going to Support in the Options Menu and tapping the box beside the Display Name field. You will then be able to input a Display Name of your choosing by using your device’s keyboard. Please note that display names are subject to censorship for offensive or inappropriate content.

How do referral codes work?

You can submit one (1) referral code per account, to be awarded 5 Diamonds. Go to the Options Menu and tap the Submit Referral button. You will be prompted to enter the referral code (Friend Code or BBB ID) of the user who asked to be referred by you. After you tap the Submit button, the Diamonds will be awarded and the button will disappear from the Options Menu.

How do I add friends?

You can add friends by tapping the Invite Friends button in the Friends Menu, and tapping the Invite via Friend Code button. Your Friend code is located at the top of the Friends Menu, and is the same as your BBB ID. It should be noted that the “Invite via Email,” “Invite via Twitter” and “Invite via Facebook” options in the Invite Friends Menu don’t actually link accounts as friends, they serve to invite people who are not already playing the game to download it.

If you are using Facebook as your login method, your Facebook friends will automatically be displayed in the Friends Menu. If you are using Game Center as your login method, your Game Center friends will automatically be displayed in the Friends Menu. To update your Friends list, tap the Facebook and Game Center icons in the lower left corner of the Friends Menu.

My Facebook speed-up request isn't working - what can I do?

Be sure that you are signed into your Facebook application when you request assistance speeding up your Nursery. Your Facebook notification settings should also be set to Public for My Singing Monsters.