Mammotts, Entbrats, and Furcorns, oh my! From breeding and hatching to buying and selling, this section of the FAQ will cover anything you need to know about getting new Monsters on your Island. Whether that's making new ones, keeping your Monsters happy and well-fed, naming them, earning Coins, or making room for new Monsters, you can find all that info here! From Plant Island to the far-reaches of the Monster World on Ethereal and Shugabush Islands, you'll find all the answers here - collect them all and fill your Islands with the Monsters' songs!

How do I breed a new Monster?

After reaching Level 7 you can select the Breeding Structure and place two Level 4 Monsters Monsters of your choice into the Breeding Structure. Some Monsters cannot be used for breeding.

If you need a little more help navigating the breeding menu you can watch the video below!

How Do I Breed Rare/Epic Monsters?

Special Monsters like the Rare and Epic versions of Natural Monsters are only available to be bred for a limited time, usually when they’re available for purchase during a sale or event.

How Do I Buy A Monster?

From your Island view, tap on the Market in the context menu, then select the Monsters section. From there you can select and purchase any Monsters that are currently available and unlocked.

How Do I See How Many Monsters I Have Left To Collect On An Island?

Tapping on the Collection button in the main context bar will show you the Book of Monsters. This will show you how many of the unique Monsters on the Island you’ve collected and how many you still need to complete your collection.

How Do I Move A Monster?

Tap on a Monster to select it. Once you’ve selected the desired Monster, tap on the Move button in the context menu. This will cause a small grid of squares to appear under your selected Monster. Tapping and holding on the Monster will allow you to drag it to a new position for placement. Once it’s where you want it you can press the confirm button to drop it into place.

How Do I Mute A Monster?

Tap on a Monster to select it, once you’ve selected the Monster you can tap on the Mute button in the context menu to toggle the Monster’s singing on and off.

What Else Can I Do With My Monsters?

You can Biggify your Monsters to temporarily or permanently increase their size or equip them with Costumes once you’ve completed the Colossingum Tutorial.

One Of My Monsters Stopped Making Sound And I Didn’t Mute It? What Happened?

Due to technical limitations of all devices this can sometimes happen. Please try muting most of the monsters on your Island to see if this causes the silent Monster to begin singing normally. You may need to mute all of your Monsters, then Force Close and reopen the app to solve the problem. This can sometimes take a few tries to resolve.

How Do I Collect Coins From My Monsters?

When a Monster has reached 75% of their total collectible coins an icon will appear above their head. This Coin icon can be tapped to collect their Coins automatically. You can collect coins from a Monster at any time by selecting them, then tapping on Collect.

My Monster Gave Me Something Other Than Coins! What Happened?

Monsters at Level 15 or higher have a chance of giving you a random bonus in addition to their normal Coins. Monsters on the Wublin or Celestial island will generate a random currency for you, even Diamonds.

How Do I Teleport A Monster?

After completing the Colossingum Tutorial you can select a Monster, then tap on the Teleport Icon. This will open the teleport menu. Here you can see all of the Islands that Monster can teleport to and the requirements to do so.

How Do I Feed My Monster, and What Is The Benefit?

Tap on the Monster you want to feed, then tap on the Feed button in the Monster’s context menu. Each time you Feed a Monster increases its progress to the next level by 25%. Monsters can reach a maximum of Level 20. Monsters on some Islands cannot be fed.

Treats are created using Bakeries. Bakeries can create varying amounts of Treats in exchange for coins; the Medium and Large Bakery upgrades allow you to create more Treats than the Small Bakery. You may also purchase Treats from the currency store in the form of in-app purchases, or you can win Treats as a prize in the daily Scratch Ticket or the Memory Game.

Monsters gain levels from feeding. The higher a monster’s level, the more coins they generate. Additionally, monsters can’t be accessed in the Breeding Structure menu until they are level 4.

How do I make a Monster happy?

To make a Monster happy, it needs 4 different 'Likes' to be placed around it. A Monster's Likes are displayed in its Info menu under the Likes tab. The happier a Monster is, the faster it produces currency.

If you need a little more help figuring out what you need to make your Monsters happy check out the video below!

What does Happiness do?

Monsters gain happiness in 25% increments up to a total bonus of 100%, each of the four items they like on the Island increase their Happiness by an equal amount. Happiness increases the total Coins a Monster can collect, and how fast they collect them.

How do I change a Monster's nickname?

On top of having a species name, each Monster has a unique nickname too! To change a Monster's nickname, go to its Info menu, tap the green box above the Monster's portrait and input a new nickname.

Why Can't I Add A Newly Hatched Monster To My Island?

Each monster occupies a certain number of beds, which are managed in the island’s Castle. The number of beds a specific monster occupies can be found in their Bio in the monster’s Info section. If the monster you are trying to place requires more beds than the Castle has available, you can add more beds by upgrading the castle or you can sell an existing monster to make room for the new monster.

You can verify at any time how many of particular monster you have on a given island by going to the Monsters sub-menu in the Market and checking the number that appears in the upper right corner under the Monster’s name.

Why Does My Monster Earn Less Coins Than The Max Listed In Their Info?

A monster’s collection sticker appears at 75% of their maximum capacity, and remains there until and after they reach 100% capacity.

How Do I Sell My Monster?

Select the Monster you wish to Sell, then tap on the Info button to open the information panel. Inside this panel you can use the sell button to complete the sale and remove the Monster from your Island. Monsters can also be sold from the Nursery.

Why Can’t I Sell A Monster On My Island?

If the “Sell” button in the monster’s menu is greyed out, it is likely that that it is the only monster on your island. The game’s built-in functionality prevents players from selling the last/only monster on an island. Upgrade your island’s Castle to add more beds and place more monsters.

I Accidentally Sold A Monster, How Do I Get It Back?

The most recently sold Monster on your Island will always appear in the Marketplace for that Island. By opening the Monsters section of the Marketplace and navigating to the very end you can choose to purchase the Monster back for it’s sale price.

I you need a little more help finding the Buyback Monsters you can check out the video below!


How Do I Zap An Egg?

After breeding a Monster; but before sending it to the Nursery you’ll be able to select the Breeding Structure and tap the Zap button. This opens the Zapping menu which will allow you to select any valid Wublin, Celestial or Vessel to Zap the egg to.

I Purchased a Wubbox, But I Can't Find It! Where Is It?

Like any other Monster, the Wubbox starts incubating in the Nursery before you can place it on your Island.

How Do I Power Up My Wubbox?

Once it's ready to hatch, the Wubbox starts deactivated, and you need to power it up before it can start to earn you coins. In order to power up the Wubbox you need to "box" Monsters by placing them in the Wubbox's inventory. The Wubbox needs to have one of each of the Monsters available on the Island placed in it's inventory to power it up, this excludes Ethereal, Legendary and Seasonal Monsters. Any selected Monster that is eligible for boxing will have the Box button appear in the context menu. Tapping this button will allow you to add it to the inactive Wubbox inventory.

Once boxed, the Monster disappears from the Island permanently. It is important to know you can box Level 1 Monsters, and if you box a Gold Island monster, the original Monster disappears from the Island it was originally from.

If you need a little more help navigating the Wubbox menus the Monster Handlers have prepared a short video tutorial to help, check it out below! 

How Do I View a Wubbox’s Inventory?

You can view a Wubbox’s inventory by selecting the Wubbox, and tapping the inventory button. This will show you what Monsters you’re missing to power up your Wubbox!

I got an Epic Monster, But It Doesn’t Show Up In My Breeding Structure! Where Did It Go?

Epic Monsters are so unlike their Common and Rare counterparts that they have developed into a completely distinct Monster species. This makes them unable to be used for breeding.

I saw a Monster that I want, but I can’t find in the Market on any Island! How do I get it?

Many Monsters are only available on specific Islands, and/or during limited time events. Any limited time Monsters will return to the Islands again in a future event or promotion, so you’re guaranteed to have another chance at getting one you missed!

I Had a Monster in a Costume, where did it go?

During Seasonal events like the Holiday Season or Halloween Monsters like to dress up in costume to get into the spirit of things. Once the Holiday is over the Monsters take off the costumes and put them away for another year!

If you're curious to learn more you can watch the video below!


Types of Monsters

Natural Monsters

The Natural Monsters family consists of the 5 original Elements of the game, Plant, Cold, Air, Water, and Earth. These are the building blocks of the Monsterverse!

Fire Monsters

Fire Monsters come from the Dawn of Fire and are a combination of the Natural Elements with the Fire Element.

Ethereal Monsters

Ethereal Monsters are found on the 5 Natural Islands and the Ethereal Island. Their elements are Plasma, Shadow, Mech, Crystal, and Poison. Ethereal Monsters can only breed with Other Ethereal Monsters and multi-element Ethereals can only be bred on Ethereal Island.

Magical Monsters

Magical Monsters consist of the elements: Psychic, Faerie, Bone, and Light. These Monsters are only found on their respective Islands.

Seasonal Monsters

Seasonal Monsters are special Monsters that are only available a few times a year outside of Seasonal Shanty, usually within their season. Seasonal Monsters can only be bred on Seasonal Shanty.

Rare Monsters

Rare Monsters are special versions of the Monsters that have a unique appearance. Rare versions of Monsters can be found on every Island!

Epic Monsters

Epic Monsters are even more special versions of the Monsters that have a unique appearance. Epic Monsters cannot breed with other Monsters, but can be found on every Island!

Legendary (Werdo/Shugafam)

Both Werdo’s and the Shugafam have the Legendary Element because they’re the only Monsters with Vocals. Werdo’s cannot breed with other Monsters, and Shugabush can only breed with Natural Monsters on Shugabush Island.


The Wubbox are unique Monsters that start in an inactive state. They require other Monsters from that Island to be placed inside of them to power up. The Wubbox cannot breed with other Monsters and is available on many islands.

Wublins And Celestials

Wublin and Celestial Monsters both start as Statues. Once placed Monster eggs can be Zapped into them from any Island to bring them to life.


Dipsters are Small Monsters that each embody a note on the musical scale. Dipsters cannot breed with other Monsters and can only be unlocked by using Keys to purchase them from the Marketplace.