Amber Island

On the same higher plane of existence that houses Gold Island resides the reunited halves of the Fire Colossal's spirit in the form of Amber Island; and while the concept of reunion figures prominently in both islands, how it is achieved differs greatly. Amber Island was conceived as a ‘seed vault', manifesting the potential for all of the original Fire Monsters from the era of the Dawn of Fire as specialized Vessels. Everything from the sap-covered Green Trees that dot its landscape, to the powerful energies of the Relics encased inside its Amber Castle, connect it back to foundational elements of the Monster World, and indeed to the very essence of the multiverse's mighty but mercurial World Tree. Once brought into being, the Fire Monsters here sing a song of elation tempered with a wistfulness for simpler times.

What is Amber Island?

Amber Island was a safeguard for the Element of Fire dating back to ancient times and is where you can use the spark of life to revitalize special Vessels containing the essences of all Fire Monsters. Read on to learn how to populate this Island.

When can I unlock Amber Island?

Amber Island unlocks once you have acquired Fire Oasis and can be accessed from the Map menu.

How do I get Monsters on Amber Island?

Monsters on Amber Island can be acquired by purchasing a special Vessel from the Monster menu in the Market and placing the Vessel on Amber Island.  Once placed, you can start Zapping Monsters from other Islands into the Vessel to fill it with enough energy to transform it into an Egg to be incubated in the Nursery!  

You can see which Monsters are needed to fill each Vessel by tapping on the Vessel and accessing the Inventory Menu. Zapping Eggs to Vessels works the same way as Zapping Eggs to Wublins or Celestials; the Monster-Handlers have created a short tutorial video, if you need additional assistance with Zapping, check it out below!

Once the inventory has been filled, the Vessel-turned-Egg can be incubated in the Nursery, where it needs time to hatch, just like any other Monster Egg!  Once hatched, it can be placed on the Island for you to enjoy!

What are Vessels?

Vessels are specialized containers that hold the essence of Fire Monsters. Long ago, Amber Island was imagined as a ‘seed vault’ for all known Fire Monster species, just in case something cataclysmic happened during the prehistoric era of the Dawn of Fire. Good thing it was, because as we now know, Fire was presumed lost during the breaking up of the Continent and only recently experienced a resurgence in the Monster World! 

You can identify which Vessel belongs to which Monster by the amber egg that sits on top, and the Elemental sigils that run down its side. 

How much time do I have to get Monsters on Amber Island?

With the exception of Kayna's Vessel (which is always available), Vessels of different Monsters are available at different times. Unless all the necessary eggs are Zapped in the Vessel within the time allotted, the eggs will go bad and the Vessel will expire. However, you will receive compensation for the expired Vessel in the form of Relics. If the Vessel's inventory has been completed, you can transfer its egg to the Nursery at any time.

My Vessel is full, but I still can’t incubate it! What should I do?

You may be missing a few Eggs from your Vessel.  Some Vessels require so many different Eggs, that it takes multiple pages to display them all.  Tap and scroll over to see the rest of the required Eggs. 

What currency do Monsters on Amber Island generate?

Monsters on Amber Island generate Relics, however, due to the energy required to make such wonderful gifts, it often takes a very long time to produce even a single one. As similar to coin production, increased Monster happiness will result in increased Relic production. 

Why can't I upgrade the Amber Castle any further?

As more Vessels are discovered and made available on Amber Island, construction of the Amber Castle will continue. For now, the Amber Castle cannot be upgraded past the third upgrade tier.

Are there more Monsters coming to Amber Island?

Yes!  Different Vessels are available at different times of the year. Keep checking Amber Island as new Fire Monsters’ Vessels are taken out from the vault and made ready to add to Amber Island. 

Can I place Monsters from Amber Island on Gold Island?

Amber Island is the fated home of Fire Monsters on the higher plane, and as such, they do not belong on Gold Island.

What is the Crucible?

The Crucible is a Structure unique to Amber Island that you can use to evolve Common Monsters into their Rare and Epic forms. 

How do I evolve a Rare Monster?

To evolve a Common Monster into a Rare, you must first feed it to Level 4. Then, you must use a combination of Keys and Relics to heat up the Crucible and attempt an evolution. Unlike on other Islands, the Rare forms of Monsters are always available to be evolved, provided that you already own the Common form. 

How do I evolve an Epic Monster?

Evolving a Common or Rare Monster into its Epic form is more costly and unpredictable. Epic evolutions are only available using the Enhanced Crucible. You must raise the Heat Level to the highest possible level. If the evolution attempt is unsuccessful, residual Heat will be reset and one Flag will furl. However, an unsuccessful Epic evolution has a chance to produce a Rare instead. Generally, it is easier to evolve a Rare than a Common into an Epic. 

How do I improve evolution chances?

You can improve the chances of a successful evolution by adding more Relics to the Crucible and raising the Heat Level at the start of the evolution process. Higher level Monsters also have increased evolution chances. 

What are Flags?

If an evolution attempt is unsuccessful, the Crucible will unfurl a Flag bearing one of six Elemental sigils. A Monster whose Elements match any of the Flags unfurled on the Crucible will receive a bonus to their evolution chances. 

What is retrieval?

After an evolution attempt is completed, there might be some residual Heat remaining in the Crucible. It can be retrieved in exchange for Relics or Flags; alternatively, you can choose to keep the residual Heat to use towards your next evolution attempt. 

How do I speed up evolution?

You can speed up an evolution attempt by spending your Diamonds or by watching video ads.