Goals and Leveling

Every Monster you breed, food you bake, obstacle you remove, or goal you complete, you earn experience (or XP) to help your game level up and unlock new and fun features! Wondering how to track or collect you XP? Maybe there's a goal you completed but you didn't get credit? Wondering how or why you or some players have a moniker under their display name when you visit their Islands? Learn everything you need to know about goals and leveling up your game! From completing and claiming rewards to unlocking structures and items, these questions should cover everything you need to know!

Why can’t I claim the reward for a Goal, even though I have met the requirements?

Goals are not retroactive. If you fulfilled the requirements of a Goal before it appeared in the Goals list, you will need to perform the action again in order to claim the rewards. However, goals span multiple islands, so you should always have the opportunity to perform the action again.

Why have I stopped collecting XP points?

Once you reach higher levels, the same actions move the level status bar less and less, as it requires more and more XP to advance to the next level. There is a way you can manually check to see whether or not XP is being applied. Tap the Level bar in the upper left corner and a fraction will appear for a few seconds. The numerator is the amount of XP you currently have, and the denominator is the amount needed to unlock the next level.

After you have reached the maximum level in the game (Level 60), you will no longer gain experience.

Sometimes it can seem like you aren't making much progress, you can see exactly how fast you're leveling by following the steps in the video below!