Magical Nexus

The Magical Nexus is an alien site and the domain of the Stair Shaper, an enigmatic being who invites Monsters from the Magical Islands to join together in song via Transposition! Read on to learn how to populate this Island. 

How do I get Monsters on Magical Nexus?

You can Transpose an eligible Magical Monster once it has reached Level 18. Transposition costs Coins or Diamonds depending on the rarity of the Monster, and it will be reborn in the Stair Shaper. The Monster will be removed from its original Island when you Transpose it to Magical Nexus, and cannot return to the Magical Island once it has been Transposed.

Which Monsters can I Transpose?

The 32 native Magical Monsters from the 4 Magical Islands (Light, Psychic, Faerie and Bone) can be Transposed to Magical Nexus. Single-Element Magical Monsters are also available in the Magical Nexus Market for a Diamond price.

Which Monsters can't I Transpose?

Pure Magicals from Magical Sanctum cannot be Transposed to Magical Nexus. Additionally, a Single-Element Magical Monster cannot be Transposed to Magical Nexus if it originates from Magical Sanctum.

Do Monsters generate Currency on Magical Nexus?

Monsters do not individually generate Currency on Magical Nexus. However, the more Monster collections you complete allow the Nexus Nucleus to generate better Currency rewards.

Can I add Decorations and Structures to Magical Nexus?

Decorations and Structures cannot be placed on Magical Nexus. Only Monsters may be placed on Magical Nexus.

How do Beds work on Magical Nexus?

The Stair Shaper has eliminated the need for a Castle or Beds in this reality. When it comes to placing Monsters, you are only limited by the physical space available on Magical Nexus.

What is the Stair Shaper?

The Stair Shaper is where Monsters that have been Transposed from other islands are reborn as Orbs so that they can be hatched. The Stair Shaper can only accommodate a single Orb at a time.

How do I speed up Transposing?

You can speed up Transposition by spending your Diamonds or by watching video ads.

What is the Nexus Nucleus?

The Nexus Nucleus is where energy from Transposed Monsters coalesces and converts into Currency you can collect. Instead of Monsters individually generating Currency on Magical Nexus, the Stair Shaper prefers efforts to be harmonized into a single Structure.

How do I track my Monster collections?

The Nucleus Menu displays your progress towards the various Monster collections on Magical Nexus. Collections are sorted by Rarity and Number of Elements; tap on a specific Number-Rhombus to view that collection in the island's Book of Monsters. Once you've Transposed all of the Monsters in a given Number collection to Magical Nexus, the corresponding Rarity symbol will become more detailed and one of the Structure's Rhombi will light up.

How do I earn better Currency rewards?

The Nucleus has a chance to generate better Currency rewards as you complete the various Monster collections on Magical Nexus. You can gain access to even better Currency rewards and Rare tracking by upgrading the Nucleus with Shards.