Wublin Island

Coursing with the Supernatural element of Electricity, Wublin Island's true origin is unknown. Thanks to clues recovered from its static surface, the going theory is that this realm was designed and brought to life by a mysterious entity who wanted some playmates. Its solution? To create those playmates from its own imagination, and zap them into being using the power of electricity. And thus, the Wublins were born. A shocking idea, to say the least. This realm is unlike any before it... and likely any to follow! Once breeding is complete, you can choose to zap a monster egg into a Wublin statue to give it the spark of life and wake it up!

You can learn more about the Wublins in our tutorial video!

When can I unlock Wublin Island?

Wublin Island is unlocked at level 13 and you can visit it from the all new map menu that shows a more detailed view of the Monster World than any we’ve seen before! To visit, all you need to do is tap on Wublin Island in the bottom left hand corner.

What are Wublins?

From what our Monster-Handler research shows, Wublins are relatively new to the Monster World, having been created by an unknown entity to be its playmates. For that reason, the way you add Wublins to your collection is unlike any other… well, except maybe one.

How do I get Wublins?

To start, you’ll need to buy a Wublin statue from the Market and place it on Wublin Island.

Now that you’ve placed the statue, it’s time to use the spark of life to wake it up! You can do this by Zapping un-incubated eggs directly from Breeding Structures on your other islands, and turning them into the Electrical energy that Wublins need to awaken! Check a Wublin’s Inventory to see which eggs need to be Zapped.

To Zap an egg, simply tap on a Breeding Structure, and instead of sending it to the Nursery to be incubated, you can Zap it right to the Wublin! On the Zap It screen, tap the Wublin you want to Zap the egg into (you can also view the Wublin’s inventory from this screen). After zapping the first Egg, you’ll notice that back on Wublin Island, a countdown timer has appeared beneath the statue. That’s because you only have a set amount of time to Zap all the required eggs to the Wublin before the eggs go bad and you’ll need to start the process again.

If you do manage to get all the eggs on time, you get to witness the electrifyingly exciting event of a Wublin awakening.

If you need a little more help with zapping we've included a short video tutorial to help! 

What currency do Wublins generate?

Wublins are unique in the Monster World because they can randomly generate any type of currency for you to collect – Coins, Diamonds, Treats or Shards.

Are there more Wublins coming?

If us Monster-Handlers had to guess, there are even more varieties of Wublin waiting to be discovered.

I bred the right Monster, but it won't let me zap it! What's wrong?

If there was a breeding event going on, it's possible that you've bred a Rare, and Rare Monsters cannot be Zapped to Wublins.

My Wublin is full, but I still can't wake it up! What do I do?

It's possible you're still missing a few Monsters in your Wublin.

Keep in mind that, like a regular Wubbox, some Wublins have multiple pages of Eggs! Tap and scroll over to see the rest of the required Eggs.