Costumes are special outfits that Monsters can wear on most Islands in the Monster World. Not only do they look great, some Costumes can give your Monsters special Moves that can give you an advantage in the Battle Arena on the Colossingum!

How do I get Costumes on the Colossingum?

Costumes can be unlocked in various ways, such as by reaching a specific Colossingum Level, or by completing a specific Battle Event like a Quest or a Versus Challenge. If you win a Costume as part of a completed Battle Event's Rewards, you will receive 1 free copy of that Costume for that specific Monster. After that, the option to buy that Costume for other Monsters of that same type will become available.

How do I buy Costumes on the Colossingum?

Costumes can be bought on the Colossingum with either Medals or Diamonds. The Move that a Costume replaces or adds, as well as the number of Elements of the Monster, determine its cost.

How do I get Costumes on the main Islands? 

Costumes on the main Islands are unlocked after the first Quest on the Colossingum has been completed. Some can be bought right away for Coins or Diamonds, while others are available at different times. When you perform actions on the Colossingum like completing a Quest, the cost of its corresponding Costume is reduced on those Islands.

There's a new way to collect Costumes: breeding! Whenever you're breeding for a Monster that can own Costumes, there's a small chance that the resulting Monster egg already owns a Costume! NOTE: Limited Costumes can also be 'bred', but only for as long as the Costumes are available to buy!

Can I trade Costumes between Monsters of the same type?

Each individual Monster has a unique collection of Costumes that it owns. That means that even if you own a Costume for one of your Mammotts, you must buy it or win it for a second Mammott.

What happens to a Monster's Costumes if I decide to sell the Monster?

If you sell a Monster that owns Costumes, you will be reimbursed with Coins for the cost of the Costumes on top of the sale price of the Monster. 

What happens to a Monster's Costumes if I decide to Teleport the Monster?

If you Teleport a Monster that owns Costumes, it will keep its Costumes when it is reborn in the new Island's Nursery. Any Costumes that bestow Moves in the Battle Arena will gain their powers when a Monster is Teleported to the Colossingum.

What happens to a Monster's Costumes if I decide to Box the Monster?

If you Box a Monster that owns Costumes, the Monster and its Costumes will be added to the inactive Wubbox's inventory and cannot be removed.