The Colossingum

The Colossingum is an ancient Island where Monsters engage in playful musical competition. Monsters can be Teleported here from other Islands to hone their musical craft and become superior performers. Read on to learn how to populate this Island.

How do I Teleport Monsters to the Colossingum?

You can teleport an eligible Monster from most Islands once it has reached Level 5. It will be reborn in the Colossingum Nursery. The Monster will be removed from its original Island when you teleport it to the Colossingum, and cannot return to its home island once it has been Teleported.

Are there other ways to get Monsters on the Colossingum?

In addition to Teleporting, Monsters can be bought in the Colossingum Market for a premium Diamond cost. There is no breeding on the Colossingum.

Do Monsters generate Currency on the Colossingum?

Monsters do not generate Currency on the Colossingum. Rewards like Medals and Costumes can be earned by completing Quests.

What are Quests?

Quests are single-player activities that reward Medals and/or Costumes when you complete them. Quests are divided into different Stages and sometimes have special Team or unlock requirements. Some Quests are only available for a limited time!

How do I improve my chances of completing Quests?

You can improve your chances of completing Quests by training your Monsters on the Colossingum to higher levels, and carefully selecting the Monsters on your Team to have a competitive advantage against Opponents.

What is Versus?

Versus is a player-versus-player activity that is available in the form of weekly Challenges and the Champions' Guild. Battle your way to Tier 1 each week to claim all of the Challenge's prizes and qualify for the Champions' Guild, which rewards especially valuable prizes.

What is the Colossingum Level?

The Colossingum Level measures how much progress you've made on the Colossingum. Complete Quests and upgrade Structures to earn XP to increase your Colossingum Level and 
unlock new Decorations and Costumes.

What are Medals?

Medals are a special Currency unique to the Colossingum. You can earn Medals by completing Quests in the Battle Menu. Medals can be spent on Decorations in the Market and on Costumes for your Monsters.

How do I get Decorations on the Colossingum?

Special Decorations unique to the Colossingum are unlocked after advancing your Colossingum Level. They cost Medals in the Colossingum Market.

Can I place Monsters from the Colossingum on Gold Island?

Monsters from the Colossingum cannot be placed on Gold Island, because of conflicts in dimensional magic.

Where are the Team and Opponents displayed?

Your Team of 1 to 3 Monsters is displayed on the left side of the screen. The Opponents are displayed on the right side of the screen. The active Monsters on both sides are marked by musical auras surrounding them.

What are my Monster's Moves?

A Monster's Moves are the musical abilities it brings to the competition. Moves can be Musical or Elemental; Musical Moves affect all Opponents equally, while Elemental Moves can be Strong or Weak, depending on the Opponent's Elements.

Where can I see my Monster's Moves?

Your active Monster's available Moves are displayed in the lower left corner. More Moves become available as a Monster trains to higher levels or wears certain Costumes.

How is a Monster's Power displayed?

Your active Monster's Power changes depending on what Opponent it is facing. A Move that is Strong against the current Opponent is marked with an Up arrow. A Move that is Weak against the current Opponent is marked with a Down arrow.

Which Elements are Strong/Weak against which?

The 5 Natural Elements are each Strong/Weak against another:

How is a Monster's Stamina displayed?

The Stamina bars of your active Monster and the active Opponent are displayed at the top of the screen. When a Monster's Stamina goes down to 0, it must rest and cannot be used for the rest of the Stage.

How do I Swap Monsters on my Team?

To put one of your Monsters in the active position, tap on the Monster you want to swap to, or tap on the Swap button in the lower right corner. This can be helpful to see if one of your Monsters has a Strong Move against an Opponent.