Gold Island

The glorious Gold Island exists in another dimension of reality, so your top-level Monsters can exist in two places at once! Read on to learn how to populate this Island. 

How do I place Monsters on Gold Island?

Tap the 'Place' button from this Island's menu once a Monster reaches Level 15 on a Natural Island - they will also remain on their native Island when they are placed here. Monsters on Gold Island perform a new musical part unique to this Island.

Which Monsters can I place?

The 30 Natural Monsters, the 5 Core Seasonals, Shugabush, and Wubbox can be placed on Gold Island. Only Monsters from the Natural Islands (except Wubbox) can be placed on Gold Island.

Which Monsters can't I place?

Aux. Seasonals, Ethereals, Mythicals, Magicals, Werdos, Dipsters, Wublins and Celestials cannot be placed on Gold Island. Additionally, a Natural Monster cannot be placed on Gold Island if it does not originate from a Natural Island.

Do Monsters generate Currency on Gold Island?

Monsters do not generate Currency on Gold Island. The blissful immaterialism of this realm means that Monsters are not preoccupied with such things.

Can I add Decorations and Structures to Gold Island?

Decorations and Structures cannot be placed on Gold Island. Only Monsters may be placed on Gold Island.

What happens when I place a Wubbox on Gold Island?

When you place a Level 15 Wubbox on Gold Island, it will once more assume its powered down form. You will need to Box Monsters on Gold Island in order to Powerup the Wubbox. This will remove them from their native Islands, as well as from Gold Island.

Can I upgrade the Castle on Gold Island?

You will not need to upgrade the unique Crystal Castle of Gold Island, as it holds unlimited Beds. When it comes to placing Monsters, you are only limited by the physical space available on Gold Island.