Tribal Island

The game-changing Tribal Island is here! Just as the last of the Rare monsters was revealed, this extraordinary new realm sprang into existence and ignited a new challenge for novice and seasoned players alike. It's up to you to form a Tribe with your Friends and keep your monster well-fed to raise your Tribal Level, earn Starpower, and redeem Tribal Rewards. You may even unlock "an ancient secret of the monster world! Join together with your friends to create a Tribe and unlock an ancient secret of the Monster World! It's up to you to make sure your monster on Tribal Island stays well-fed so it can earn Starpower! At the end of each week, your Tribe's total Starpower will be collected and credited towards Tribal Rewards for all members to enjoy!

How do I get Tribal Island?

Tribal Island is the ninth and newest island to appear in the world of My Singing Monsters. It will appear in the Map menu after buying Cold Island and is free for all players. But in order to visit there, you’ll need to become a member of a Tribe.

Tapping the Tribal Island button will bring up the Tribal menu. The Tribes tab displays which of your Friends already belongs to a Tribe. The Tribe’s name and Tribal Level appear in orange, and members in yellow. Tap anywhere on the Tribe listing to expand the view and see how many Members the Tribe currently has. Check out a Tribal Island by tapping the Visit button.

If you want to request to join a Tribe, tap the Join button. You’ll be prompted to choose the monster you want to represent you on Tribal Island. As the in-game notification makes clear, you will be unable to join other tribes until you have been accepted, declined or cancel your request. You can only be a member of one Tribe at a time. To cancel your request, simply tap the Cancel button.

Invitations to join other Tribes will also appear in the Tribes tab. You can visit the island first to see if you want to become a Member. Then, you can either accept or decline the invitation.

What do I do once I’m a member of a Tribe?

Once you’re a member of a Tribe, the Chief will place your monster on Tribal Island. Then, it’s your job to play your part and feed your monster. You’ll be able to identify your monster by the musical aura surrounding it. You’ll notice that more than Treats can be used to feed your monster on Tribal Island. You can use Diamonds, Shards and Coins too! There is no monster Level limit on Tribal Island, so you can continue feeding your monster far past Level 15.

How do I unlock the Mysterious Monster?

It’s just that – a mystery! Check the Tribal Goals screen for a clue!

Why did my Monster go back down to Level 1?

Every week Tribal Island is refreshed and the Tribes are then tasked with trying to see if they can work together to unlock the Mysterious Monster. Tribal Island was created with the mentality of working together as a team and this mechanic makes it that every week you have to work as a complete Tribe to raise your Starpower!

I’ve completed the goals for Tribal Island, how come I haven’t gotten the reward

The rewards are given out at the end of the week when Tribal Island refreshes. You can see when the refresh is going to happen by going to the Goal menu while on Tribal Island, once you see that screen, there is a timer at the bottom that shows when the Island refreshes!

How do I become the Chief of a Tribe?

If you want to be the Chief of a Tribe, you can create your own Tribe from the My Tribe tab. You’ll be prompted to name your Tribe (keep it clean, people) and decide which monster you want to represent you on Tribal Island. As the Tribe grows, it’s the Chief’s job to place monsters on Tribal Island. Tap any monster on Tribal Island to learn which player it belongs to. If you want to remove someone from the Tribe, tap that player’s monster and then the Remove button. Important to note: if you’re the Chief and you want to leave the Tribe, you will need to name a replacement Chief from the other members.

How do the Tribal Level and Starpower work?

Along the top of the Tribal Island screen, you’ll notice two new bars. The first, the Tribal Level bar, displays the sum of all the Tribal monsters’ levels. Achieving higher Tribal Levels makes your Tribe eligible for Tribal Rewards, which are distributed to all members at the end of the week, much like Top Islands prizes. The Tribal Goals button shows the Rewards you can expect to receive, as well as how much time is remaining in the week to feed your monster. The Tribes with the highest Tribal Level appear in the Top Tribes tab of the Tribal menu. When a new week begins, the Tribal Level (and your monster) will reset, and feeding can begin anew.

The second bar displays Starpower, which is unique to Tribal Island. As you feed and level up your monster, you earn Starpower. Starpower is unique to each player, and is collected at the end of the week. Starpower indicates how much a player has contributed over their lifetime to Tribal Island. A player’s Starpower is visible below their Display Name or weekly rank and Moniker. If a player decides to leave a Tribe and join another, their Starpower will stay with them.

How do I move my Monster on Tribal Island?

On Tribal Island, only the Tribe's Chief is able to move around the Monsters. This is so that you don't accidentally overlap Monsters on the Island if two or more players are moving Monsters around.

 How do I change my Monster on Tribal Island?

In order to switch monsters on Tribal Island, you will need to leave the Tribe and rejoin. That being said, the progress you've made feeding your original monster will not transfer, so I would recommend switching monsters after the Tribal refresh at the end of the week.

 I can't feed my Tribal Island Monster - what happened?

It can take some time at the end of the week for all the Tribal Rewards to process; during this time, Monsters are not able to be fed on Tribal Island. You should be able to resume feeding your Monster very soon after!

I didn't receive my Starpower yet, where is it?

Don’t worry, the Starpower isn’t processed instantly, it can take some time for every player to receive their Starpower and for the new week’s timer to start ticking.

I left my Tribe or got kicked out. How do I get my currency back?

When a currency is spent to level up the Tribal Island that you're on, it is consumed immediately. That means that if you are either removed from the Tribe by the Chief or your leave on your own accord, the currency that you've put towards the Island has already been used and does not return. The Island will also not benefit from your contributions any longer either.

Similarly, when the weekly refresh for the Tribal Islands happen, the currency you've put towards the previous week is no longer available.

These mechanics were designed to make sure that Tribal Island is used as a team effort, and not just one individual doing all the work.

How do I create a Tribe?

You can create a Tribe by going to the Map in game and tapping on Tribal Island. The first window that pops up will be invites that you've received from other players, but if you want to start a brand new Tribe, you'll want to click on the tab at the top of the menu called "My Tribe"

A new menu will appear with the option to either Create or Join a Tribe. Tap on 'Create', it will ask you to name your Tribe and after that you can choose what Monster you want on the Island. Your very own Tribe is now created! Now you can invite your friends to join so you can unlock the whole song!

How do I leave my Tribe?

If you're looking to join a new Tribe and leave your current one, you'll need to tap on the 'Tribe' button. From there you should see the option in the new menu window that says 'Leave Tribe'; a confirmation screen will appear and now you can join a new Tribe!

If you are the Tribal Chief, you will need to select a new Chief before you able to leave. If you are the last member left in your Tribe, the Tribe will be deleted when you leave.
If the confirmation window doesn't appear, you'll need to close out of the game fully and log back in. This will refresh the data and allow you to leave the Tribe like normal.

I requested to join a Tribe, but I still can't participate! What do I do?

Whether you are accepting an invite or requesting to join a Tribe, you will need to wait for the Tribal Chief to confirm your Monster selection and place you on the Island before you will be able to participate.