Mini Games

There are others things to do hidden around the Monster World outside of breeding and collecting! Play with your Monsters in the Castle Memory Game and try to beat your best score, or win some great prizes on the daily and weekly scratch tickets (or spend Diamonds for extra tickets and games). These games let you earn Monsters and some premium currencies for free. Check out this guide for all the information you need to find these games and play them, and best of luck winning a grand prize!

How does the Memory Game work?

The Memory Game can be selected from the Castle menu and is available to play for free once daily. To play the game, first select four monsters on your island and then tap “Play.” The monsters will play a musical sequence that you will have to repeat. These sequences will become longer and more intricate as you guess correctly. The longer you last, the better the prizes!

Is there any way to get Seasonal monsters that I missed out on during their regular availability?

Yes! Seasonal monsters are available as prizes in the Monster Scratch Ticket available in the Nursery Menu. You can scratch one free ticket weekly, or you can get another right away by buying one with Diamonds.

What is the Daily Scratch Ticket?

Much like a Lottery Scratch Card, the Daily Scratch Ticket gives you a chance to win in-game currency and prizes! This includes Diamonds, Coins, Foods, Keys, and Relics! You get one free ticket per day, after that you can watch an advertisement for a free ticket or spend 2 Diamonds.

Scratch Ticket reward amounts are all randomly selected the moment you pull up a new ticket so that there a chance you could win the jackpot every time you play.

Just like with the scratch tickets in real life, winning the jackpot is something that doesn't happen all the time; so when you finally win it, it's pretty exciting!

How do I access the Daily Scratch Ticket?

If your Scratch Ticket isn't showing up, tap on a Natural Island Castle and then the "Scratch" button!

If you'd like your Ticket to show up automatically each day, make sure the "Show on Launch" box is checked.

I've logged in every day, but I didn't get my Daily Login Rewards. What happened?

This reward does not need to be claimed and is automatically added to your total. Sometimes an ad or news pop-up can cover up the daily reward information, but rest assured, you are still receiving your currency!

After the 5th day login, it will reset back to 1, and go through to 5 again. This process repeats itself  over and over.

If you do not believe this to be the case, please contact the Monster-Handlers, and we'd be happy to take a look for you!