Continent and Structures

The Continent is full of surprises! Castles, Trading, Mines?! So many things to do, and so little time, but all of these questions should cover anything and everything you need to know about all of the Structures you can find on your Continent, and even a little about the Continent itself! Expand your borders, get mail from the Monster-Handlers, send your Monsters on quests, find out all the latest Monster news, or make some Coins in the Market! If you can find it on the Continent, you'll find your answer here!

Where Are My Castles For Other Parts Of The Continent?

There is only one Castle on the Dawn of Fire Continent for all your monsters. If you need more beds on your Continent, you can purchase a second Castle for Diamonds or a Hotel! You can also teleport or sell existing monsters to make room.

What Is The Market?

Monster-Handler Matt can tell you all about it in the Market tutorial video on our YouTube channel!

What Is In The Wondermine?

The Wondermine is full of goodies for your Monsters to discover! You can send them to explore inside and you never know just what goodies they might come back with! Sending a monster into the Wondermine removes them from the Continent until their search is done.

Will My Monster Be Safe?

Your Monsters are always safe in the Wondermine. A sign will be placed in their spot on the Continent while they hunt for goodies, and you can always tap on the sign to check in on them.

What Is The Mailbox?

Any items from the Monster Handlers, as well as any receipts for purchases you make are found in your Mailbox.

What Is The Bulletin Board?

The Bulletin Board is where you can find all the news and information for sales and specials. Be sure to check it often to keep up to date on all the latest news about Dawn of Fire!

How Do I Use The Teleporter?

You can click on the Teleporter to check if Monsters are ready to be sent to a new Island where they can grow and learn new songs! When a Monster reaches the correct level, you will be able to visit the Teleporter and send them to the Island you select – keep in mind that some Monsters can only be sent to specific Islands! You can check all Monsters on your Continent that are eligible for which Island by selecting an Island from the Teleporter and scrolling through the list.

Where can I find the Outer Islands?

You can view the Outer Islands by tapping the Map button. This button is found by tapping the green arrow to the left of the Shop.

How do I unlock more parts of my Continent?

As you level, you unlock more and harder to get items - even other parts of the Continent!

Try to keep feeding your monsters and completing goals so you can level up and unlock more craftable items as well as new areas to explore! :)