What's that flying over the Continent?! A Tweedle - no! It's the Skyship! Can you fill up the Skyship’s orders before it lifts off? Earn rewards by completing this aeronautical marvel’s daily goals, and work your way up the leaderboards to become the Top Shipper in all the Monster World. Someone really wants the items you've crafted! It's a tight schedule, so don't be late. These questions will answer anything you need to know about the Skyship and how to fill Orders so can reach the top of the leaderboards in no time!

What is the Skyship?

The Skyship unlocks with the Air section of the Continent. You can fill crafting Orders to earn XP, Coins, and Diamonds, but work fast, as there's a time limit before the Skyship must make its deliveries- full or not! The more Orders you fill, the higher you'll get on the leaderboards!

What are Skyship Orders?

Each Skyship has 9 Orders. These are requests for crafted items. Use your Continent Structures to gather supplies and make these items, then visit the Skyship to load it with your items!

How do I fill Orders?

Each Order has an item and number requirement and comes in groups of threes. For example, you might need to fill 3 orders of 2 Sugar Cane for a total of 6 Sugar Cane. When you have the items required, the number below the order will change from red to green. Tap and drag the items from the Order list on the right to the shipping box on the left. This will complete the Order and award you with Coins and XP.

How do I request help from my Friends?

Next to each number requirement is a blue and purple Friends button! Tap this and confirm with the green check button, then it will allow your Friends to visit your Island so they can fill an Order for you. Keep in mind that if your Friend fills an Order, they will receive the immediate Coin and XP rewards, but you'll get the final Diamond reward if the full set of Orders is complete! An Order will turn from yellow to blue if you've requested help.

What rewards can I get?

Completing individual Orders will give you XP and Coins - the harder the recipe, the more you'll get! Completing all the Orders under the time limit will reward you with Diamonds!

How long do I have to complete an order?

You will have 18 hours to complete an order once the Skyship arrives. Remember, this timer counts down even when the game is closed!