Goals and Collectibles

There are lots of secrets on the Dawn of Fire Continent - some that even us Monster-Handlers haven't found - and there's even more things to do! Take a look around your Island, and you'll never know what you'll find! Hidden Crystals and even buried Diamonds! These questions will answer all your questions about Collectibles and Goals. Stockpiled a bunch of Coins, Seedlings, and Crystals? Learn what you can spend them on! Complete Goals to gain experience and level up so you can unlock even more Monsters and Crafting Structures.

What Are Goals?

Goals can be found on the top left hand side of the screen under your level bar. By tapping on the Goals icon, you’ll find a list of available goals to complete. Completing goals can reward you with gold, XP, and even Diamonds!

How Do I Get Coins?

Coins are earned by fulfilling Monster orders and completing goals. You can also get Coins by selling Items from your Vault or in the Market!

How Can I Use My Coins?

You can use your coins to purchase new things for the Continent, like Monsters and Structures! You can also use your Coins in the Market to buy Items that other players are selling!

How Do I Earn Diamonds?

Diamonds can be earned by completing goals! Sometimes they can be found around the Continent when removing trees!

How Do I Remove Obstacles?

To remove an obstacle, tap on the obstacle, and then tap on the remove button at the bottom right of the screen. Removing obstacles costs Coins, but can reward you with new items like Diamonds and Seedlings!

What Are Crystals?

Crystals can be found hiding on the Continent. Each Land on the Continent has a different type of Crystal, like the Vegidian Crystal’s on the Plant Land. Check back often to collect them!

What Are Seedlings And How Can I Use Them?

Seedlings are found when you remove Trees from the Continent; you can use them to craft Decorations once you reach level 7!

What are Daily Goals?

You get 3 Daily Goals at a time! When you complete a Daily Goal, you will receive a new one the next day; however, any Goals that remain incomplete will stay in your log. If you don't like one of the Daily Goals, you can tap the blue recycle button to spend some Coins and get a new Daily Goal! Complete these Goals for extra Coins and XP every day!

I am not receiving credit for my Goal. What's going on?

Some Goals have very specific requirements! Make sure you're checking exactly what it's asking for and how many of that item you need, also make sure you're crafting the correct item - some look very similar!

How do I earn more experience, so I can level up?

Experience, or XP, can be earned by breeding Monsters, completing Orders, crafting items, sending Monsters to the Wondermine, using the Skyship, and finishing Goals!