Starhenge and the Celestials

The Singing Monsters are looking to the stars to meet new friends: the Celestials living on Starhenge! When you log in, you’ll be shown a Star Chart displaying one of the Constellations of the Elements. Return daily to receive a Free Roll of the Cosmic Dice to travel along the path of the Star Chart! Completing the Star Chart will unlock a new and special Celestial Monster for you to place on Starhenge, a mysterious floating Island with a unique song.

How do I earn additional Cosmic Dice Rolls?

If waiting each day for a new Roll at the Cosmic Dice isn’t your thing, you can always purchase extra Rolls each day for 25 Diamonds per Roll. You can also get additional die from the Wondermine.

How long do I have to complete the Star Chart?

The Celestial Monsters rotate every month. Each Monster will only be available for a limited time, and once gone you’ll have to wait until next year to obtain these very special Monsters. Alternatively, if you find yourself short on time you can also purchase the current Celestial in the Shop on Starhenge for 1250 Diamonds.

How do I earn a Daily Streak?

When looking at the Star Chart, there is a Daily Streak counter on the right-hand side of your screen. This will keep track of your Daily Rolls, and on the 5th day, it will reward you with an extra Free Roll! Below the Daily Streak, there is also a timer counting down the time remaining until your next Free Roll.

What are Bonus Dice?

These are awarded from reaching the 5th day in the Daily Streak counter. The number of Free Rolls you’ve earned is shown underneath the Daily Roll Timer.

What can I earn by rolling the Cosmic Dice?

There are 3 possible outcomes when rolling the Cosmic Dice. Each Die has the opportunity to reward you with; 500 Coins, 1 Diamond or 1 Move on the Star Chart. If you’re lucky enough to roll all 3 of the same item, your reward will be doubled! -e.g.  3000 Coins, 6 Diamonds or 6 Moves.

How do I find Starhenge?

Missing your Celestial Monsters already? Not to worry, you can navigate back to their home in the sky the same way you would your Outer Islands, like Space or Cloud. Simply tap on the Map button and select Starhenge. From here, you can also tap on the Observatory Structure to see the Star Chart.