From Kayna's joyful song to the legendary Candelavra's brazen displays, the Monsters all have their parts to play on the Dawn of Fire Continent. These questions will cover everything you need to know about the Monsters - from breeding them to feeding them, and everything in between. Whether you want to make new Monsters or send them away to the Outer Islands to grow up and sing new songs, learn about it all here! So get out there and start singing with your Monsters, they're waiting for you!

How does the Monster Bonus work?

Up to 3 Monsters on your Continent may have a blue music note appear above their head. This means that a Monster really wants the items it’s asking for!

When you complete a Monster Bonus order, you’ll get 1.5x more XP and Coins!

When you have an item ready for one of these Monsters, the exclamation mark will also be blue.

You can unlock more Monster Bonuses by upgrading your Castle.

Why are there exclamation marks and music notes in my Crafting Structures?

These notices tell you when a monster on your Continent wants an item without even having to ask them! The exclamation marks are for items requested in regular orders, and the music notes are for Monster Bonus orders.

How Do I Breed Monsters?

In order to breed a Monster, you need to use the Breeding Structure and have two different species of Monsters at level 4 or higher. However you’ll have to figure out the combinations on your own!

How Do I Rename A Monster?

Tap on the Monster whose name you’d like to change, select Info. From here, you can tap on the Pencil to rename your Monster!

Why Can’t I Add A Newly Hatched Monster To The Continent?

Each monster occupies a certain number of beds, which are managed in the Castle. The number of beds a specific monster occupies can be found in the Monster’s info section. If the Monster you are trying to place requires more beds than the Castle has available, you can add more beds by upgrading the castle or you can sell an existing monster to make room for the new monster.

In Dawn of Fire, you can always purchase a second Castle for Diamonds or buy a Hotel for Coins!

How do I teleport my Monsters?

You can teleport a Monster by using the Teleport Structure on your Continent! It costs some Coins and Time, but once your Monster is ready, it will be sent to one of the many Outer Islands where it will grow up and sing a new song!