Vault and Crafting

Do your Monsters have Orders waiting? Is your Continent looking a bit empty? Maybe you have too many items - what can you do with them? Have no fear, that's what Crafting is for! Fill your Vault with items and learn how to use your various Structures to craft the things your Monsters want or even make Decorations for your Continent! These questions will cover everything you need to know about using your Vault for storage and your Structures for Crafting Recipes. Keep all your Monsters happy and make your Island look beautiful!

How do I make Decorations?

The Workshop is unlocked at Level 7. In the Workshop there are two buttons. Tap the Decoration button. This menu shows all the Decorations you can craft for the Continent. When you make a new Decoration, it is kept in the Store until you need it. This means it takes up no room in your Vault.

How do I create Crafting items?

Crafting items are created in Structures like the Fruit Tree or the Garden. Each Structure can produce different items. New items and Structures are unlocked as you level up in the game.

How do I know the Recipe to Craft an item?

When you are in a Structure and see an item you would like to make, tap and hold your finger over the item to show the item’s Recipe.

What happens when my Vault is full?

Sometimes you just make too many items and fill up your Vault. To make sure you always have room, you can upgrade your Vault and increase the amount of storage using Crystals! If you have to get rid of just a few items, you can choose to delete them or sell them while in the Vault menu.

I put a Decoration in Storage, and now I can’t find it. Where did it go?

You can find your stored items under the Decorations tab in the Workshop structure or the Market.