Connection and Loading Issues

Having some trouble loading My Singing Monsters? Stuck on the loading screen? Receiving an error message or an authentication issue? These frequently asked questions will cover any error messages or connection issues that might be experienced when launching the game.

Force quitting the My Singing Monsters app is the best way to resolve any temporary issues and clear bad data. When you open an app and then minimize it, it stays running in the background with a memory of what you just did. If your connection to the Internet is dropped, the app on your device will hold onto that bad data. Force quitting the app should rectify the situation and will not affect your account’s progress in any way.

Click here to learn how to perform a force quit on your device.

Can I play My Singing Monsters offline?

No. The game requires an active Internet connection at all times because your account information is stored online on our servers.

When I open the app, it immediately crashes and the device returns to the home screen. What can I do to continue playing?


It’s possible that your device might be holding onto some bad data. Deleting and reinstalling the app should resolve these issues. For accounts using Facebook, Game Center and email login, you can safely uninstall the game and your account will remain on our servers. When you launch the app, you will be automatically logged in via the anonymous/guest method. If this is not the login method of your existing account, simply tap Log Out from the Options Menu, tap Change User, and then log in via the correct method.

If you are playing via anonymous/guest login, please scroll to the bottom of this page and complete a support request using the form. Please categorize the request as “Technical” and include the BBB ID of your account if you have recorded it.

My login method is Facebook and I cannot connect to the game. What should I do?

If your Facebook password or security permissions have changed recently, the game might need to clear outdated data in order to re-establish a connection with Facebook. If you are using the Facebook app, please make sure it is up to date. If you are still experiencing difficulty, follow these instructions:

  • Force quit the My Singing Monsters app.
  • Sign out of your Facebook account, and then sign back in.
  • Launch the My Singing Monsters app.

My login method is email and I cannot connect to the game. What should I do?

Accounts registered via email login require a confirmation from the user. After registering for an account, you should receive an email containing a link that will confirm your registration and allow you to log in to your account.

If you have already confirmed your account and you still cannot log in, please verify that you are inputting your address and password correctly – the fields are case-sensitive and some devices will auto-capitalize the first character.

My login method is Game Center and I cannot connect to the game. What should I do?

Please verify that you are logged in to your account on the Game Center app itself. If you are not, the game will be attempting to make contact with the Game Center app and bouncing back, halting the login process.

When I try to log in, I get a message that reads “Authorization Failed” or “Connection Issues. Try Again Later.” Why can’t I connect?

Please ensure that your device is connected to the Internet. If you verify your connection and the message persists, it is likely that we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.