Sound, Animation, or Game Issues

Did your Furcorn stop singing? Are your Monsters out of sync? Maybe your Monsters just stopped singing or dancing altogether? Is your Bakery burning food? Can't seem to place a Monster on the Island when you know you have plenty of beds? The Monster-Handlers have made this list of frequently asked questions about any sound, animation, or game issues that you may experience while playing My Singing Monsters. Some of these issues may require some special Monster-Handler attention, but don't worry, the Monster-Handlers are standing by and ready to help if the solutions here don't work for you!

Why can’t I hear any music coming from the game?

Sometimes if you are switching to other apps that also use sound, your device can get confused and stop playing certain kinds of sound. Force quittingand relaunching the app should resolve this.

Why is there no sound coming from the game on my iPad?

Have you checked the switch on the side of your device? In our game, it functions as a mute switch, and sometimes people don’t realize that. It’s also possible the game is stuck muted, and the switch doesn’t unmute it. See here for more details.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, force quitting and relaunching the app might resolve this.

One of my monsters has stopped moving/stopped singing/appeared on another island where they are not supposed to be. How can I fix this?

Force quitting and relaunching the app should resolve this issue.

One of my monsters/decorations/structures has disappeared/isn’t working properly. What’s going on?

It is possible that the item in question has accidentally been stacked on top of another object – meaning they are sharing a grid square, rendering them invisible and inaccessible to you. This can happen when the connection to our servers is interrupted while you are moving the item. Please scroll to the bottom of this page and complete a support request using the form. Please categorize the request as “Technical” and include the BBB ID of your account.