Known Issues

In this article, you can find a list of issues that the Monster-Handlers are currently aware of and are looking into. If your issue isn’t listed here, please contact us for further assistance!

This is not a comprehensive list but will be updated regularly.

Missing Costume Reward from the Colossal Conundrum

Status and Resolution: Currently investigating.

"There was a problem claiming the reward from the Colossal Conundrum." Error message on Tribal and Gold Island

Status and Resolution: Currently investigating. Please navigate to a different Island (not Tribal or Gold) and attempt to log in after about an hour to collect your Colossal Conundrum reward.

Redeeming a Free Rare Monster on Magical Islands uses Diamonds

Status and Resolution: Resolved. Please redeem Monsters earned from the Colossal Conundra on the Natural Islands.

Unable to check in inactive Wubbox (Common, Rare and Epic) into Hotel

Status and Resolution: Resolved. Please update to 3.8.2.

Unable to light Wishing Torches for friends

Status and Resolution: Resolved. Please update to 3.8.1.

Memory Game crashes during gameplay and/or unable to play the Memory Game after losing

Status and Resolution: Currently investigating.

(iOS 16+ ONLY) Attempting to fuze Glowbes crashes the game

Status and Resolution: Resolved. Please update to 3.8.0.

(iOS ONLY) Wrong prices being shown for in-app purchases

Status and Resolution: Currently investigating. The incorrect price displayed is not reflected in the price when you check out. Please make sure you double check the price before confirming the purchase. 

Mobile and Steam cross compatibility and login

Status and Resolution: My Singing Monsters (PC) is a standalone experience; it is not cross-compatible with the mobile version of the game and you cannot add friends or submit referrals from users on another platform.

Unable to enter the Market or Mailbox and/or big green arrow pointing to the Mailbox 

Status and Resolution: Currently investigating. You will need to contact the Monster-Handlers to have a new Trophy mailed out.