Facebook Account Transfer Procedure

We are aware that Facebook logins are currently unavailable. Good news is, we can transfer your My Singing Monsters account progress to a new email secured account and get you back to Monstering!

  • Initiating this process poses no risk to your account or your game progress. 
  • If at any point in the process you encounter problems, or are unable to complete a step, the Monster-Handlers are here to help - submit a ticket and let us help you complete your transfer.

Please complete the following steps: 
    1. On the same device you normally play My Singing Monsters and,
    2. From the location you most frequently play the game.

This guide will have you log in to My Singing Monsters with a new Guest account, secure it with a valid email address, and change the display name of your new account. Please watch the guide video below for detailed instructions.

Please follow the steps below to start the process of transferring your account progress:
1. Uninstall and reinstall the My Singing Monsters on your device. (Don't worry, your existing progress is safe on our servers!)

2. Launch the game and select PLAY (Guest). (The game may automatically do this)

3. Complete the tutorial and reach Level 7.

Note: If you already have an active Guest account and have completed the tutorial, please do not flag it for deletion. Simply skip ahead to step 5 to secure your account.

4. Log Out through the Options menu and log back in.

5. Go to Options, tap Secure Account, and tap on the mailbox icon to secure your account with a new email address.

6. Input a valid email address and password. This does not have to be the same email address as your Facebook account.

(If you do not have another valid email address - submit a ticket and let us help you complete your transfer manually.)

7. You will receive a verification email to the address you’ve entered. Check your email inbox and follow the link to verify your account.

8. In-game, go to Options and tap on your Display Name to change it. Please change your Display Name to ‘facebook123’. If entered correctly, you will receive a popup confirming that your account has been flagged for transfer.

If you are notified that there was an issue with your transfer request, please submit a ticket and let us help you complete your transfer.

9. Log out of the Guest account. Your transfer request will take at least 6 hours to complete. It is safe to log back in to the game to check the status of your transfer, but do not progress further in the game or make any purchases.

10. After at least 6 hours, log back in to your Guest account and check your in-game mailbox. 

When your transfer is successfully completed, your Monsters will be there to welcome you along with a message confirming the transfer.

If your transfer encountered an issue, don’t worry, your progress has not been deleted! You will receive mail in-game prompting you to submit a support ticket to let us help you complete your transfer.

If you encounter problems with any of these steps,  you are not at risk of losing your progress or having your account deleted. The Monster-Handlers are here to help - submit a ticket and let us help you complete your transfer!

Due to a high volume of requests, please note that this process may take longer than usual to complete. We may also ask you for additional information for verification. Thank you for your understanding!

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