Unable to complete an offer, missing rewards, or seeing errors when trying to watch a speed-up video? Come here for all the information you'll need on how to get the rewards you've earned! Please be aware that the offer wall is handled by our partner, Digital Turbine. We are not able to verify offers on our end and therefore cannot distribute the rewards. You will get the most accurate support from them, but these questions might lead you in the right direction! 

Can I earn free currency?

Yes! By tapping on the “FREE” button in the bottom left corner of the Market you will access the offer wall. From here you can choose Diamonds, Coins, or Food to view offers for those Currencies

I’ve completed an offer from the Free Diamonds/Coins menu. Where can I claim my offer wall rewards?

The rewards from the offer wall will be automatically added to your account once the offer has been verified by Digital Turbine. 

I haven’t received my rewards from the offer wall yet!

Here's how you can check your offer status:
1. Open the menu located in the top left corner
2. Tap "Status" to view all your offers
3. Find your offer and tap to open details

Missing Rewards?
1. Find the offer and tap "Report Issue"
2. Fill out the form and submit your issue
3. Digital Turbine's Support Team will get back to you!

Other reasons for not receiving your rewards include:

  • You used their application previously or clicked on the same offer before.
  • You have installed an offer, but didn’t reach the required action.
  • You have installed an offer organically or through another offer wall provider.
  • You used a VPN connection to get access to the offer or used an emulator to simulate a device on your computer.

Why can’t I see the offer wall?

If you can’t see the offer wall, then we recommend that you perform a Force Quit of the app, ensure you have a strong connection to the Internet, and launch the game again.

Offer wall availability is based on different factors (app, region, language, etc.). Given that, it is normal that individual players may see longer or shorter lists of offers - and in some cases offers might be temporarily unavailable.

How can I disable ads?

You can dismiss ads at any time by making any in-app purchase.

Can I still watch videos for speed ups after making a purchase?

The advertisements removed by making an in-app purchase are the forced video ads on launch. You will still be able to watch videos for speed ups.

I made a purchase and I’m still seeing ads!

The premium status gets applied once you close and reopen the game. Please perform a Force Quit of the game, ensure you have a strong connection to the internet, and then launch the game.

Why can’t I watch ads?

There are a limited number of videos available to be viewed for speed-ups and other in-game bonuses, and it is possible that you may need to wait to load more videos. This can be dependent on region and what is available in that area or in that particular ad placement. 

That being said, we are working on improving the system so that more videos will be available for everyone!


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