My Singing Monsters: Composer

With My Singing Monsters Composer, conduct an orchestra of cute musical Monsters from the hit game My Singing Monsters! Each Monster is packed with personality and its own unique vocal, percussive, and instrumental sound. Featuring dozens of lovable Monsters from the My Singing Monsters franchise, we're bringing together your favorites to let you compose your own original songs for them to perform using the intuitive music editor and helpful tutorials, all on a never-before-seen Island.


I want to replay the tutorial, how do I do that?

You can view the tutorial at any time by opening the options menu, indicated by the cog button at the bottom right of the screen. Once you’ve opened the menu you can replay the tutorial by clicking on the Help button, then tapping the Interactive Tutorial button at the bottom of the screen.

Does My Singing Monsters: Composer teach me how to make music?

This is not an educational app and does not include music lessons or theory. The app provides a sandbox for people who love the Monsters to create their very own, one-of-a-kind, My Singing Monsters inspired music.

How do I name my song?

You can edit the name of your song by clicking on the pencil icon located next to your track name.

How do I load one of my songs / create a new song?

Tapping on the button in the top left corner of the screen will open the Song Library. From here you can choose between creating a new song, or load a previously created composition to listen to, or edit further.

Can I change how loud some Monsters are?

Yes! The volume of individual Monsters can be adjusted. All you need to do is select a Monster in the “Music Video” and adjust the volume slider that appears in the bottom left corner of the screen.

How do I delete a single note?

Once you’ve selected a monster a single placed note can be deleted by tapping on it.

Can I undo my recent changes?

Recent changes to your song can be undone by hitting the green arrow button in the top right corner of the screen. This is the undo button and lets you remove the four most recent notes that were added to your song.

How do I save and place a Monster’s part?

You can save a Monster’s part in a song by tapping on the red floppy disk icon near the top left of the screen. You can place saved parts by clicking on the Save icon and selecting the part from your list of saved parts. You can use this to copy one Monster’s part and replicate it with another Monster automatically!

How do I delete a single Monster’s part?

You can delete a Monster’s Part by clicking on the Sweeping Broom icon near the top right of the screen. This is the Clear button. The Clear action will delete the currently selected Monster’s part leaving the rest of the song as it is.

How do I add more Monsters?

You can add more Monster species to your song by tapping on the active Monsters portrait along the bottom of the screen.

Why is this app missing Monsters?

Not every Monster is currently available in My Singing Monsters: Composer. More may be added in future content updates!

Why are there two of some Monster in the Music Video?

Monsters that play held notes are represented by a separate Monster in the Music Video. This version of the Monster is dedicated exclusively to playing the held notes. This makes the animations for each Monster play more smoothly, without forcing Monsters to interrupt a held note animation to play single notes and vice versa.

How do I add a sustained note?

Not all Monsters can sustain a note. If the Monster you have selected is able to play a sustained note, then all of it’s notes will have a small green arrow next to them. You can sustain a note by tapping on the arrow next to a note, then dragging it along the bar. You can shorten a note by doing the opposite!

My bars are getting cluttered, how do I hide some of my notes?

If you need to make a little space on your bar to work you can hide one or more of your Monster’s parts. To do this you just need to tap on the Eyeball icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. This is the Show/Hide button. From here you can toggle which Monster’s parts are visible by tapping on the Monsters icons.

What is Music Video Mode?

Music video mode is a special viewing mode. It lets you watch as the Monsters perform your very own composition!

How do I activate Music Video Mode?

You can activate this special mode by tapping the Mammott icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

What is the Keyboard?

The Keyboard button lets you pull up a virtual keyboard and play your Monsters part onto the staff while your song plays. This is a challenging way to compose!.

How do you activate Keyboard mode?

You can activate keyboard mode by tapping on the Keyboard icon on the bottom left of the Screen. Once tapped a virtual Keyboard will appear. To begin recording you just need to hit the Red Record button. You can stop recording by tapping on the Red Record button again. Once you’ve finished recording you will be prompted to keep or revert the changes you just made.

What is the Advanced Button and what can I do with It?

The Advanced button is in the top right of the screen and is represented by 3 switches. This button contains many features exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Composer. The features available in this menu are Tempo, Time Signature, and the ability to change your notes into a Sharp, Flat, or Natural note!

Why can’t I place notes any higher or lower on the staff?

Only notes ranging from High D to Low B are available in the game. If you get a little creative you can increase the range further by using sharps and flats!

Why do I place 8th notes in 4/4 time?

My Singing Monsters: Composer uses 4/4 time, but defaults to 8th notes. You can create a true 4/4 note by extending your 8th note using the Advanced button settings located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Why can’t I perform some advanced actions that other software offers?

My Singing Monsters: Composer is a basic music making app for a casual audience. Many of the features found in more powerful software are not available. However, many complex or elaborate effects can be replicated by getting creative with the tools available in the advanced menu. More features may be added in future updates!

How do I recreate a famous song by a famous artist?

You can create any song you can imagine! If you want to recreate a famous track by your favorite artist, go nuts! You can find or purchase the sheet music for any tune, then transcribe it into the game using your favorite Monster sounds.

Can I share the music I’ve created?

The in-game record button is available on all iOS 9/Android 5 or above devices. If you’re using a compatible device the button will be available in the bottom left of the screen and looks like a camera icon. Once you’ve completed your recording you will be able to share it with other fans of My Singing Monsters: Composer! You can also share music using the share button from the Song Library.

How do I share a song from the Song Library?

From the Song Library, you can share one of your compositions by tapping the mail button to the right of the song title. Once you’ve tapped the share button you will be asked how you would like to share your song. We recommend that you select email, but you can also share the song file through text or other apps, and even by using Airdrop if you’re an Apple user.

How do I open a Song file?

When another player sends you a song file or you download one, it will be saved in an “.msm” format. By selecting the file from your phone, you can open it using the My Singing Monsters Composer application and it will be added to your Song Library. If the file is being accessed automatically by an incorrect application, you can hold your finger down on the file and it will allow you to choose the Composer application and open it.

If I uninstall the application, what happens to my Song Library?

All of your data is saved locally on your device. If the application is uninstalled all of the songs in your Song Library will be deleted. We strongly recommend that you export any songs you don’t wish to lose, then import them once you’ve reinstalled the application. This can also be an excellent way to backup your data!

Why does this app cost money?

The Composer Island in My Singing Monsters allowed our players to experience the magic of the Monster’s universe by creating their own Monster inspired music. The new My Singing Monsters: Composer app goes even further. By making it a premium app we were really able to go all out! This standalone version of Composer mode has no advertisements, or in-app purchases while adding tons of all new features. This gives fans of the original composer island nearly limitless options for creating their very own Monsterpiece!

Where can I submit my feedback?

Feedback can be submitted through the contact form at the bottom of this FAQ.

Where can I find the Terms of Use and Fan Content Policy?

You can find all the information you need to know by clicking these links: Fan Content Policy & Terms of Service.

I don't see my question listed above. What should I do?

If you don't see your specific question or concern listed above; please contact our customer support team directly here.

Why is my game slow?

Sometimes apps running in the background can start to slow down your device; make sure to close any other apps that may be running in the background. If you continue to experience difficulties getting the game to run properly please try restarting your device. If that doesn’t resolve the issue please contact our customer support team through the contact form at the bottom of this F.A.Q.

The game keeps freezing on my device. What should I do?

You should attempt to force quit from My Singing Monsters: Composer. If you continue to experience issues, please contact our customer support team through the game or use the contact form at the bottom of this F.A.Q.

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