Islands and Teleporting

You might start on Plant Island, but there are many more Islands to explore in My Singing Monsters! Whether their the more Natural Islands of Cold and Earth or the more mysterious and mystical Islands like Ethereal and Shugabush, these questions will answer anything and everything you need to know about all the Islands in the Monster World. Feed your Monsters to level them up to create new songs and display your collection on Gold Island or teleport Monsters to Ethereal and Shugabush Island to breed all new ones.

How do I use the Map?

The Map carousel screen displays all of the Islands of the Monster World. It unlocks at Level 7, or after Cold Island, the second of the Natural Islands, is purchased. You can buy or go to any of the Islands you own by using the arrows to navigate to it then tapping 'Buy/Go.' You can also buy or go to any of the Islands through the Islands menu in the Market.

How do I get more Islands?

Some Islands, like the Natural Islands, cost Currency to buy. Others require you to have reached a certain level, like Wublin Island, or to have already bought another Island, like Shugabush Island. Certain Islands are free, like Gold Island, but have special requirements to populate them. Visit an Island's Help menu to learn more.

What do the numbers beside the Island name mean?

The numbers that appear beside the Island name indicate how many Monsters you have collected on that Island. The numbers that appear beside 'Beds Occupied' indicate how many Beds are currently in use and available on that Island.

Can I move Monsters between Islands?

Monsters cannot travel between Islands; you will need to populate each new Island with new Monsters. However, there are some special circumstances: visit the Help menus for the Colossingum and Gold, Ethereal and Shugabush Islands to learn more.

What do the Torch icons on my Friend's Map mean?

A Torch icon that appears on an Island's portrait on your Friend's Map indicates that they have Wishing Torches needing to be lit! Pulsing Torch icons indicate that they would prefer you to focus on lighting on that island. Tribal Island will also display an '!' indicator when there are Tribe join requests.

What does the Mirror button on the Map do?

The Mirror button allows you to switch between your Mirror Island carousel and your Main Island carousel. To navigate back, simply tap on the 'Main' button.

What do Island Skins do?

Island Skins allow you to customize the look of your Island and apply 'Boosts' that confer special benefits. There are 2 different kinds of Island Skins - permanently-available Titan Island Skins and limited-time Seasonal Island Skins. To learn more about Island Skins, visit the Info Menu of an Island and navigate to the corresponding tab.

How do I purchase an Island Skin?

Skins can be purchased for 2500 Diamonds, or for $9.99 USD in a special bundle that includes a bonus 100 Diamonds. They can be purchased from the Island’s info panel, by opening the tab at the top of the screen that is labeled “Skin”. You can open the info panel by tapping on the Info button while no Monster, Structure or Decoration is selected. To purchase the Skin on its own, tap the Buy button on the bottom of the Skin tab. To get the bundle containing the Skin and Bonus Diamonds as an in-app purchase for $9.99 USD, tap the paintbrush button in the upper right of the Skin tab.

How do I activate and deactivate my Island Skin?

Tap on the Info button located at the bottom of your Island view. If you have no Decoration, Structure or Monster selected it will open the current Island’s info panel. At the top of the displayed info panel, there will be a tab you can open to access your Skin. Tap on the tab, then tap on “Activate” at the bottom of the screen to enable your purchased Skin. While an Island Skin is in use the button will change to show “Deactivate” instead. Tapping on this will revert the Island to its original appearance. 

What are the boosts provided by the Skins?

All Skins provide you with three boosts:

  • 15% Increased Coin generation per minute
  • 10% decreased incubation duration in the Nursery
  • Doubled Wishing Torch breeding chances

Do I keep the boosts if I deactivate the Skin?

Yes, the buffs provided by purchasing an Island Skin are permanently enabled on the Island you have purchased it for, even when they are disabled.

How come my Obstacles are still the same?

Island Skins will not change the appearance of Obstacles or Obstacle Decorations. The only way to get decorated Obstacles is to purchase them during their normal Seasonal availability.

How do I purchase permanent seasonal obstacles during an event?

During seasonal events like Easter or Halloween you can purchase permanently decorated Obstacles! You can do this by opening up the Marketplace, clicking on the decorations tab, and scrolling until you see the decorated obstacles. Once placed these Obstacles stay decorated all year round! 

If you need a little extra help finding the decorations you can view the helpful video below!