Pixel Dodgers

This high-speed pick-up-and-play style game will leave you wanting to dodge just one more blast as you top high scores and unlock colourful new characters and worlds. You'll be dodging all day in this arcade adventure! Pixel Dodgers features a huge cast of crazy characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. Choose your character wisely and make the most of their abilities to dodge as many blasts as you can! Pixel Dodgers' 8-bit visuals, retro sound and delightfully difficult 2D gameplay are guaranteed to a give you a serious case of nostalgia - just press start!

How Do I Avoid Fireballs?

Avoid fireballs by swiping left, right, up or down to move across the game field!

Which Items are Good?

The heart, the gold mushroom, the shield and treasure chest are all good items, grab them as fast as you can.

Which Items are Bad?

The purple mushroom, ice, and the lightning bolt are bad items, you should avoid them at all costs.

How do I Get New Characters?

There are two ways to unlock new characters: you can either buy them with coins from the character menu, or you can unlock a random character from the toy machine!

How Do I Upgrade My Characters?

You can upgrade your character by going to the character menu from the main menu, then purchase new upgrades with coins.

How Do I Get Coins?

You can get coins a number of ways: by completing levels, finding treasure chests, and using the gold mushroom upgrade.