Dipsters and Keys

Timid in the light, Dipsters make their homes underground. The muffled monster music from above gives Dipsters the courage to rise up and join in the harmonious melody! ...although though it may only be one note at a time. Dipsters are resourceful creatures, and collect natural materials to disguise the entrances to their tunnels. No one knows how far a Dipster hole goes. This page will give you all you need to know about collecting Keys, and soon you'll complete your Dipster collection on all Islands!

What are Keys?

Keys are a brand new currency that can be used to buy a new set of Monsters called Dipsters, now available in the Market on all Natural Islands!

How do I collect Keys?

Keys can be collected by receiving a gifted Key from a Friend. You can also purchase Keys in the Market!

How do I gift a Key to a Friend?

Once every 30 days, you can gift one Key to a Friend. To do so, tap the Keys on your main display in the upper right corner, and tap the “Gift Key” button. Then, select a Friend from your Friends List, and the next time they log in, they’ll receive a free Key! Once you’ve gifted your key, you’ll notice a timer counting down until you’re able to gift your next key!

What are Dipsters?

Digging their way to the surface from deep underground, the Dipsters are the newest Monsters to be discovered! Available on all Natural Islands, this collection of colorful and fun Monsters sing a new harmony on each Island, adding to the chorus of Monsters you know and love! Collect them all by becoming part of the My Singing Monsters fan community!

How do I unlock Dipsters?

Dipsters are unlocked at level 8. These are very special Monsters that can only be purchased using Keys! They are available on all the Natural Islands.

How can I buy Dipsters?

Visit the Monster section of the Market on any Natural Island to find all the Dipsters!

How many Dipsters can I collect?

While the Dipsters require no bed space, there only seems to be a small population of each Dipster on any one Island. You can place 10 of each Dipster!