Zombie Bloxx

Do what you have to do to survive: blow them to bits, slice them up, or run them down! Zombie Bloxx is a 3D survival game where the goal is to survive wave after wave of zombies that are out to gobble anyone in their path. Prepare to face an unending horde of block hungry zombies, ready to pull you apart pixel by pixel. There’s a wide array of unlockable weapons and helpful environments to take them down, from knives and clubs to tanks and brain crushing trains – you’ll have to use everything to your advantage.

How do I win?

You win by surviving as long as possible without getting eaten by the Zombies. The longer you survive, the higher your score will be!

What is Stamina?

Characters have a limited Stamina Pool. Your total Stamina is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. After the game starts your total Stamina will begin to decrease until it is entirely depleted. Once the Stamina Pool is depleted your character will slow down and the Zombies will begin to catch up. 

How do I increase my Stamina?

Batteries will spawn around the level. Collecting these will increase your total Stamina. By regularly collecting Batteries you’ll be able to keep your Stamina up, and keep running!

What are Quests?

Quests are specific goals that you can complete while you play a level, they will reward you with Coins and Gems for completing them. There are many Quests to complete throughout the game!

What are Gems?

Gems are used to revive characters after death. This will bring you right back into your current game. You can also use gems to unlock new characters and power-ups. Gems can either be purchased using real money or found throughout each level while playing!

What are Coins?

Coins can unlock Power-Ups to help you survive the overwhelming Zombie hordes. You can also use Coins to unlock new and exciting characters, then upgrade them for even more power!

How do I purchase a new character?

To purchase a character with either currency, you will have to click on the select character button in the main menu.  From there just scroll left or right to find the character you want to purchase.

How do I upgrade a character?

To upgrade a character you must own the character.  Once you have purchased that character, you only need coins to upgrade them further. Upgrades that you can purchase for your character include:

        Running from the undead requires excellent cardio! Each level of the Stamina upgrade increases your character's total Stamina letting you run longer, and keep out of the undead’s grasp little longer.

        Run like the wind with the Speed upgrade! Each level will increase your Speed advantage over the undead, giving you more options to evade the Zombie horde.

Weapon Damage

       Annihilate the walking dead by increasing the destructive power of your Weapons! Each level of this upgrade allows you to deal even more damage against powerful undead threats.

What are Daily Missions?

The game cycles through three increasingly difficult daily missions every 24 hours. Upon completing these missions, you’ll earn a reward. Logging in every day will also give you rewards!

Are there different kinds of Zombies?

There are four different types of Zombies in the game.  Each type has unique tactics, but they share one goal: to eat your brains!

Regular Zombies
        These weak Zombies only need one hit to be splattered.  Their speed is equal to, or a little lower than your character’s speed.
Flanker  Zombies
    These Zombies may look like regular zombies, but they’re carrying a grenade! If you get within their range they’ll detonate taking you with them!
Giant Zombies
    Giant Zombies are huge, slow, and take 5 hits to kill.  They’ll also vomit regular zombies towards you.  Avoid them if you can or kill them quickly to avoid being overwhelmed.
Kamikaze Zombies
    Kamikaze Zombies are the worst!  They run, leap into the air and explode on impact!  Avoid any purple circles you see, that’s where they plan to land!

What is the Radar, how do I use it?

At the top left corner of the screen in-game is a Radar map. Your character’s location is the center dot and Zombies are indicated with red dots. This map is invaluable for navigating the Zombie hordes! Don’t forget to use the radar to spot off-screen yellow power-ups that you may need to survive!

What types of Power-Ups are available?

In Zombie Bloxx there are a variety of purchasable power-ups available in-game, to help you fight off the zombie hordes:

        Causes a massive explosion, destroying every Zombie within a large radius.
        Causes the user to grow in size; temporarily allowing them to stomp on any Zombies in their path.
Slow Mo
        Drastically slows down all Zombies temporarily.

What can be collected in-game?

There are a few different power-ups that can only be found in a level. They drop around the map while you are playing and are indicated on your Radar as yellow dots. Pick them up quick and you might just survive a little longer.

        Blast those Zombies to smithereens! You’ll instantly blow up all Zombies when you pick this up.
        Like the circle of protection you used on your friends, BUT REAL! This power-up temporarily protects you from all incoming damage.
        Smash, bash and annihilate the undead with an array of deadly Weapons. When used you will temporarily be equipped with a Weapon. The type of Weapon equipped is different for each character - you’ll want to try them all! 
2x Coin Multiplier
        The only thing better than wiping out the undead scourge is getting paid for it! The Coin Multiplier temporarily grants 2x coins for all Zombie kills.
2x Score Multiplier
        Hear the roar of your adoring crowd… Well, a crowd of slavering Zombies anyway. The Score Multiplier temporarily grants 2x score for all Zombie kills.
Speed Boost
        Zombies can’t eat what they can’t catch! The Speed Boost temporarily boosts your speed.

How do I use Weapons?

Weapon power-ups will randomly spawn on the map. Running over them will automatically pick up and equip them. Every character's Weapon is unique, so make sure to try them all out! 

Are there Achievements?

Yes, there are many unique achievements you can unlock by playing Zombie Bloxx. Achievements can be completed for rewards!

How do I change the language?

Zombie Bloxx uses the language that is selected in your device's settings.

Can I play my game on multiple devices?

Yes! You can use your Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play account to login on any supported mobile device. Simply go to the options menu and select Facebook connect, or select the game center button on the main menu to login using those login methods.

Why can’t I connect to my Google Play, Game Center, or Facebook associated account?

Make sure you’ve got a strong connection to the internet, and that you’re signed into your Google Play account, Game Center account, or Facebook application. If this is still an issue please try force quitting the app and restarting your device.

Why is my game slow?

Sometimes apps running in the background can start to slow down your device; make sure to close out any other apps that may be running in the background.

The game keeps freezing on my device, what should I do?

You should attempt to force close Zombie Bloxx. If you continue to experience issues after doing so, please contact our customer support team through the Ask Support button at the top of the F.A.Q.

I’ve purchased an item in-game and it hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Sometimes an in-app purchase can take up to 48 hours to complete processing. If your purchase has not arrived after 48 hours please contact our customer support team. Our team can be reached directly by clicking the Ask Support button at the top of this F.A.Q.

Exploding with Ideas?

Do you have an idea to make the game better? Although we think we have done a good job of creating a fun and challenging game there is always room to make things better. If you have any great ideas to make the game better, we are all ears. Our fans are very important to us and as a fan, your opinion matters to us. Just use our support form to let us know. Let us know what you think!