My Singing Monsters: Coloring Book

The Coloring Book contains a massive library of books, each themed around one of your favorite Islands, or activities! Choose from books such as Wublin Island, Season of Love, and the Continent! You’ll find a mix of free and premium pages in each book! No coloring book is complete without a collection of vibrant colors to fill it with and you’ll find loads of them in the My Singing Monsters: Coloring Book. With two main palettes of colors, you’ll also find premium unlockable palettes that are perfect for any occasion! What’s the point of creating a monsterpiece if you can’t share it? The My Singing Monsters: Coloring Book lets you share your finished artwork right from the My Singing Monsters: Coloring Book app to your personal social media pages and email!

How do I find the coloring Pages that I’ve already worked on?

Tap on the Gallery button to view all your in-progress or completed drawings from any Book. Tap on the individual coloring Page within the Gallery or in each Book.

How do I continue my progress on a coloring Page that I’ve already started?

From the Gallery or a Book Group, tap on a coloring Page. A menu will appear at the bottom where you can select Continue to keep coloring!

What do the gray locks on the coloring Pages mean?

These are premium Pages. These can be unlocked with a one-time purchase for all the Pages within that Group.

What are groups?

Each Book has different sets of coloring Pages that you can purchase as a Group for one price! Each Group contains six coloring Pages. With some Groups you may have one or two Pages for free use. You can have complete access to the rest of that Group by selecting one of the Pages with a lock on it and purchasing that Group.

How do I share my coloring Page with friends?

While you are coloring, tap the “Share” button in the top right corner. Pick a border or texture if you’d like, and then select the social media application you’d like to share to! You can also share from the Gallery by tapping the Page you’d like to Share, and selecting Share from the menu at the bottom!

How do I start over or delete a coloring Page?

From the Gallery or by selecting the Page in a Book, a pop-up menu will appear where you can select Continue, Share, New, or Delete. You will want to select New or Delete. New – resets and opens the selected Page to color it again. Delete – removes the Page from your Gallery and resets the colors. Continue will open the Page and allow you to carry on where you left off.

How do I unlock the free coloring Page?

The free coloring Page can be unlocked by tapping the Daily Free Pages and selecting Today’s Page in the Library or you can tap the “Free Page” icon on the bottom. You can then watch a short ad to gain access to this Page. After you watch an ad, the Page is available in the Daily Free Pages from the Library by scrolling down to the area labeled Unlocked Pages. These Pages are unique and cannot be purchased! They rotate daily, so check back every day for a brand new Page!

The holiday is over! Where do I find my holiday Pages?!

Don’t worry, you can access every Holiday Page in the Events Book.

I already unlocked some of the previous Weekly Pages – where did these go?

Not to worry, you can still find all these Pages in their original Books from the Library or in your Gallery if you’ve already started or finished them!