Celestial Island

The Celestials are a pantheon of Monsters that have watched over Monsters of all Elements since long before the Dawn of Fire. Now, something has disturbed their peaceful floating home on Starhenge, and the whole structure has come crashing down on an unwitting Colossal! This mystical Island still shows some of the splendor that Starhenge once held, visible in its debris and etched symbols. What could have caused the stellar home of the mighty Celestials to fall from the cosmos? Begin exploring this wondrous wasteland at Level 15, and see what you can decipher…

What are Celestials?

The Celestials are the ancient precursor Monsters. There are 12 Celestials and each embody one of the elements available in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

When can I unlock Celestial Island?

The Celestial Island is unlocked once you reach level 13 and can be accessed from the Map menu.

How do I get Celestials?

Celestial Monsters can be earned by purchasing the Celestials statue from the marketplace, placing it on the Celestial Island, then zapping Monsters into the Celestial Statue to unlock it. You can see which Monsters are required to fill the Celestial by tapping on the statue, then tapping the inventory button. Monsters can be zapped to the Celestial Monsters from the breeding structures on the other Islands. Once full, the spark of life will be powerful enough to awaken the Celestial.

Zapping Celestial Monsters works the same way as Zapping Monsters to the Wublins, the Monster Handlers have created a short tutorial video, if you need additional assistance with Zapping check it out below!

What currency do Celestials generate?

Similar to Wublins, the Celestial Monsters generate a random type of currency for you to collect. Possible currencies are: Coins, Diamonds, Shards, and Treats.

Are there more Celestials coming?

There are only 12 known Celestial Monsters, and they each correspond with a constellation and month.

I bred the right Monster, but it won't let me zap it! What's wrong?

Celestial Monsters are very picky, and odds are good that you accidentally bred a Rare during a special availability. In these cases, the Celestial won’t let you zap the Monster into the statue. You’ll need to breed a normal version of the Monster, then try again.

My Celestial is full, but I still can't wake it up! What do I do?

It’s possible that you’re not able to activate the Celestial because you’re still missing a few monsters. Keep in mind that, like a regular Wubbox, some Celestials have multiple pages of Eggs! Tap and scroll over to see the rest of the required Eggs.