Logging In and Accounts

Trying to play My Singing Monsters but have a few kids or players who each need their own accounts on one device? Worried about losing your anonymous/guest account? Would you like to use Game Center or Facebook to log in instead of an email? The following frequently asked questions will help players with creating and logging in to My Singing Monsters accounts. This includes creating new accounts, binding accounts to make them more secure, and managing accounts for multiple players on one device.

Can I allow more than one person to create their own separate game/account on the same device?

Yes! Tap “Log Out” from the Options Menu and then “Change User.” From the login screen, select a different login method than the one associated with your account to create a new one. You can also switch from one account of the same type to another account of the same type by following these instructions:

If you are using Facebook on iOS:

  1. Force quit the My Singing Monsters app .
  2. If you are using the Facebook app, sign out of your account on Facebook, and sign in with a different account.
  3. Launch the game and tap the Facebook button on the login screen.

If you are using Facebook on Android/Amazon:

  1. Force quit the My Singing Monsters app.
  2. Open Settings, tap Application manager/Applications and then My Singing Monsters.
  3. Tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.
  4. If you are using the Facebook app, log in to the desired Facebook account.
  5. Launch the game and tap the Facebook button on the login screen.

If you are using Game Center:

  1. Open the Game Center app and tap “Me” on the bottom bar.
  2. On the “Me” page, Tap the banner that says “Account: [your email address].”
  3. A pop-up will appear – tap  “Sign Out.”
  4. On the next screen, tap the banner that says “Create New Apple ID.”
  5. Follow the steps to create a new Game Center account.

PARENTS: Please review this process with your children and keep their security questions/password for safekeeping. If one device is being shared, each child will have to sign in and out of the Game Center with their unique ID every time they play the game in order to access their individual account.

If you are using email:

  1. Ensure that the current account you are using is already bound to an email (Note: Check the Options menu, if the "Secure Account" button is there, then it is not bound)
  2. Delete and reinstall the game
  3. Launch the game and select Anonymous/guest (it may do this automatically)
  4. Complete the tutorial
  5. Log Out (through the Options menu) and log back in
  6. Go to Options > Secure Account
  7. Input a different/unique email that the existing account(s)
  8. Repeat as needed

How do I bind my anonymous/guest account to email to make it more secure?

Tap “Secure Account” in the Options Menu and follow the steps to bind your account.

If this button is not available, it's likely you either already have your account bound to Facebook/Game Center or you've already bound the account at an earlier time or with an incorrect email. Please contact the Monster-Handlers for further assistance!