Jammer Splash!

Jammer Splash! Has more head-scratching puzzles than you can shake a toe at -- and with multiple ways to solve each level, the Jammers are putty in your hands! You'll love this colorful puzzler. Join Toe Jammer and its squishy friends the Jammers on a wild adventure through Jammerland! Which Jammer is your favorite? Don't forget to collect all your favorite My Singing Monsters avatars like Pom-Pom, Pango, Whisp, and, of course, Toe Jammer! Open Chests, earn rewards, and fill up your Sticker book - there is always more to find in the Jammer world!

What is Jammer Splash!?

Jammer Splash! is a match game where you try to beat the requirements of each level in the allotted number of turns. You do this by matching the different colored blocks together that will allow you to make weapons and combos to clear each level.

What are Weapons?

Weapons are created in-game by matching a minimum of 5 or more blocks with the same color. The block art will also change to display which weapon you are about to create based on how many blocks are matched together. By matching 5, 7, or 9 colored blocks together this will allow you to make items such as Bombs, Harpoons or Star Jars. It’s up to you to discover what will work best for each situation!

How can I reach a higher score?

There are two direct ways to increase your score per level. First, make bigger and better matches by planning out your turns and finding that sweet spot for a cool combo. The other is also very simple, beat each level with extra turns left over. For each turn left over after you’ve completed that level, it will reward you with a bonus multiplier and will greatly increase your total score.

How do I create a Super Bomb?

When you have two regular Bombs side by side, simply tap on one of them to create the Super Bomb Explosion!

How do I remove Dirt Blocks?

These can be broken by matching blocks beside or above the desired Dirt Block.

How do I pop bubbles?

Easy, make a match under the desired Bubble or use one of your weapons to pop it!

Treasure Chests – What are they?

Treasure chests contain all sorts of things. Like power-ups, avatars, and even diamonds! They can be purchased with diamonds at the in-game store, or via the treasure chest menu. Simply tap on the small treasure chest icon at the bottom of the map screen and the purchase prompt will appear.

How do I get stickers for the Sticker Book?

Stickers can be found scattered among specific levels that are played throughout the game. They can also be found when opening treasure chests.

Where can I get more Avatars?

Save up those diamonds and make sure you’re opening all the treasure chests you can!

How do I destroy a Storm Cloud?

Make a match of 3 or more of the same colored block beside the cloud to damage it.  You can also damage it with weapons (bombs, harpoons, etc.)
Keep damaging the cloud using these methods until it is destroyed.

How do I connect to Facebook?

There are several ways to connect to Facebook in-game. The easiest way is to tap on the options button on the map screen and then tap on the “Connect to Facebook” button that is shown on the screen after. You can also connect to Facebook when tapping on a level or even when tapping on the options button while in a level.

What is the Dungeon?

The Dungeon is a new area where you can play challenging levels each week. There are 10 levels in the dungeon, and a special Avatar to be received at the end.

What rewards can I obtain in The Dungeon?

Many rewards can be won when completing each level in The Dungeon. Such as: coins, diamonds, and treasure chests. You can also collect Ethereal Cubes to level the special Avatars obtained from The Dungeon.

How do I beat The Dungeon?

You can complete The Dungeon by beating all 10 levels. But be careful, losing a level will reset you back to level 1! If you end up in a jam, remember to use any of those power-ups you saved up to help you out.